Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The BEA ARC Giveaway!

Alrighty 1k-a-day participants. Here's a fun giveaway for you. Comment on THIS post with your word count for today to enter for today's prize. Winner will be announced at 9PM EST.

Up for grabs we have an ebook ARC of Ascendant by Dianna Peterfreund. Since I'm not 100% sure the ebook will work (it was from BEA and who knows it might have an expiry date), I'm also giving away a print copy ARC (also from BEA) of Halo by Alexandra Adornetto. Soooo...hopefully you'll end up with two amazing ARCs, but at the very least you'll get one. ;)

Here are the blurbs:

Astrid is now a fully trained unicorn hunter, but she can't solve all her problems with a bow and arrow. When she's given the opportunity to leave the Closters to put her scientific skills to use discovering the Remedy, Astrid leaps at the chance. But soon Astrid begins to question everything she thought she believed: her love for Giovanni, her loyalty to the Cloisters, and - most of all - her duty as a hunter. Should Astrid be saving the world from killer unicorns, or saving the unicorns from the world?

Three angels are sent down to bring good to the world: Gabriel, the warrior; Ivy, the healer; and Bethany, a teenage girl who is the least experienced of the trio. But she is the most human, and when she is romantically drawn to a mortal boy, the angels fear she will not be strong enough to save anyone—especially herself—from the Dark Forces.
Is love a great enough power against evil?


Bee said...

Today's word count for #What Was Mine: 1400 (!)
*punches air*

But if this isn't international, don't enter me.

Mary Brebner said...

Ooh! Want! Both of those are on my wish list--I've heard great things about Halo and how can you go wrong with killer unicorns?

I'm commenting early, so I remember (and so I can get entered!), even though I haven't written but three words on my WIP today (there WILL be more!)

7/28 Starting word count: 16,658
7/28 Not-quite-done count: 16,661

Happy writing!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I'm so behind on how much I should have. Since we're going with a thousand words a day, I should have about 28 thousand. I only have 8, 695 :(

But that's okay! Cause it's better than nothing. Woooh ! You guys are getting me to write! And thank you for giving away these two amazing books, they sound fantastic!


daydreamerN said...

these books look really good!