Friday, July 30, 2010

1k-a-day Day 30

Day 29 word count: 1551
SS current word count:

LI current word count:
WS current word count:
Untitled: 1551

I needed a break from SS yesterday and so I just sat at my laptop and wrote whatever came to mind. To do so can be a dangerous thing. Writing is a form of therapy after all.

With summer here and us spending time at the beach, I've been having these flashbacks to the days when my father was healthy and strong, and used to take us out to the lake to swim all day, and burn burgers on an open fire. My dad is originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. When he was a kid, he swam every day, rain or shine. We've been in Alberta forever. Here we have seas of canola fields. I know he made do with our leach-dodging, muddy-bottom lake swims, but it would have been wonderful for him to get to the sea one last time before Alzheimer’s really started to do some damage. Anyway...the bit I wrote starts like this...

"Lightning flashed where sky and water met in a black line across the horizon. I saw your mouth moving, but your laughter never reached me. It travelled with the wind, skimmed the white caps and was lost. You waved, then dove under one last time. I shivered on the shore. Waiting. Towel around my shoulders, my damp hair hanging in crisp strands. I wanted to go home, but you had just arrived."

Anyway. Re-reading it today is tough. It's raining this morning, maybe I'll head to the lake, Dad. Wish you could join me.

Day 29 word count: 4,288

Parlor current word count: 32, 981

WD current word count:
Dream current word count: 2,212

I had a great day yesterday, which felt good since we're down to only two days left of 1k-a-day counting today. I edited and rewrote 1 1/2 chapters, one of those chapters pretty hefty. Things are going well, and the new character traits I've added turning 1k-a-day are weaving in nicely. I'm also proud that I have hit above 31k (which would end 1k-a-day) before the last day.

Today we will be giving away more books! Be sure to post your word count if you have yet for the week. Plus, in the first few days of August, Tracy and I will be revealing what is included in the large final prize pack that includes a signed book, ARCs, swag and more! Every person who has posted during 1k-a-day as a participant will be eligible to win.

Also, for the previous winners, I have waited to go to the post office at the end of 1k-a-day. I will inform you all when I send out the books.

Good luck everyone!


Bee said...

I just have to ask, is that written partially in the second person? Because that's so cool.

So far, today, 243 words. Bleh.

Tracy Belsher said...

Heya Bee, you mean the bit about my dad? Hmmm...I thought it was first person, past tense, but now that you mention it...the piece is directed to "you" as with second person. Interesting. Mayhap it is a bit of both.

Tami, you're the tenses girl, what do you think?

Tami Klockau said...

I'm the tenses girl? If that's the case, we're in trouble. ;) I'm not GOOD at tenses, I just (for some reason) tend to write each book in a different one. That being said, I believe both of you are right as Tracy mentioned. LOL