Saturday, July 31, 2010

1k-a-day Day 31

Day 30 word count: 0
SS current word count:

LI current word count:

WS current word count: Zippo on the word count for me yesterday. Our 18 year old kitty, Vegas, has been going through a rough patch and we were on "death watch". Sigh. We're taking her back to vet today to see what's up with our little diva.

Here's hoping everyone gets writing on this last day of 1k!

Day 30 word count: 1,382

Parlor current word count: 34,363

WD current word count:
Dream current word count: 2,212

Wow, today is the last day of 1k-a-day. The time flew by! Be sure to try to hit those word counts hard today for one last push. Everyone did so awesome, be sure to take Sunday off and not think about writing! You deserve it. I know I'll be relaxing.

Since today is the last day, I have extended the deadline for the last Friday book giveaway. I will be announcing the winner tomorrow, instead of today. If you haven't posted your word count for the week, please do so to be entered.

As I mentioned a few days ago, we have one final HUGE prize to give away. On Monday we will be announcing what is included in the prize and Tuesday we will announce the winner! If you have participated at all in 1k-a-day and have commented on a post throughout the month, you will be entered to win!

Also look for our final post with the 1k-a-day end word counts and some thoughts on how the month progressed.

Good luck everyone!


Tami Klockau said...

So sorry to hear about Vegas, Trace. :( I hope she feels better and isn't in pain.

Anonymous said...

Awe, poor kitten ! I hope she feels a ton better. Having a pet in that position is hard.

And it's been fun writing with everyone!