Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Call for 2k10 Members

My debut YA novel, Under My Skin (under my pen name Judith Graves) has a tentative release month! March 2010. Wowza. Things are gonna get hectic around here.

But thankfully, I'm not in it alone. I have my very good friend and most awesome critique partner, Tami. And my writer buddy/partner in crime/fellow Wolfy Chicks blogger, Kitty Keswick (Kitty's debut novel, Freaksville, will be released in January 2010). What would I do without my girls??!

Kitty and I are both very excited to be a part of the Class of 2010. If you are not familiar with the program, a new group of debut YA and MG authors is formed each year and they pool their resources to promote each other’s titles.

We’re in the process of developing our website, logo and marketing goodies. We’ve selected our theme and are working hard to organize speaking engagements, attendance at conferences, as well as virtual author visits to schools and public libraries.

It’s fantastic to have 20 or so other authors to share the joys and freakouts of promoting your first book. I’m looking forward to all the wonderful opportunities ahead for the Class of 2k10. If you’re a debut YA or MG author, I encourage you to check us out. We are about to close our doors to member applications…here’s our official last call:

Last Call for 2K10 membership…

The class of 2K10 is a group of first-time middle grade and young adult authors.The group was first founded in 2007 and has seen great success. We've come together to help promote each other's books through a group website, blog, newsletter, author chats and much more. Our debut authors hail from both the United States and Canada and write a variety of genres for middle grade and young adults.

If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Janet Fox at Janet Fox To join 2K10 this must be your debut novel in YA or MG, you must be published in the USA with a release date of 2010. Your publisher must be listed in CWIM or CBC. You must be willing to pay the dues of $275.00 and spend a minimn of 10-15 hours a month on group projects. All applications must be in no later than October 1st 2009. We look forward to you joining our class.

Don't forget to drop by the current class and check out their awesome titles: The Class of 2k9