Friday, July 31, 2009

1k-a day- Day 31

Wow, the last day of 1k-a-day! Unreal. The time went by so quickly, and unfortunately, I didn't write as much as I wanted to due to my vacation in the middle of the month. I hope you all hit goals you wanted to achieve and had fun doing it! We enjoyed having you all here enjoying the month with us.

Please don't forget to post your week 4 word count, as well as your overall July word count by the end of Sunday, August 2nd. We will be giving books away to the winners for each. The books available are posted here!

Tami's day 30 word count: 1,016
Tami's day 31 word count: Will post later today
Tami's July word count: 18,612
Overall word count: 8,133 (Worst Days)
Cups of coffee drank: 2
Music: nothing actually
Mindset: I'm sad to see 1k-a-day go. I hope to take a little time off and do research for August, but then I have two stories that I'm stoked to continue. I used to be against working heavily on two projects at the same time, but through this month I've found that it gives me a nice balance. The stories are so different from each other (one is a fantasy based YA, the other a contemporary YA), I'm able to keep them straight. It seems because of their differences, I find that if I'm not in the mood to work on one, I am the other. Even though I only wrote 18,612 words, I feel like I've gained so much from 1k-a-day this time! I can't wait to do it again in November. I hope you all join us to win more free books! In the meantime, Tracy and I will be continuing our regular posts on Monday and Friday, with occasional book club posts on Wednesday. Please stick around and comment when you want to! We love hearing/reading feedback!

So Tracy, we're at the end. How did you feel regarding your overall 1k-a-day experience?

Whoot! Tami, we made it!! ;)

Tracy's day 30 word count: WS: 1003, Losing It: nadda
Tracy's day 31 word count: 0 -sister's coming to visit tonight and we're finishing up our bathroom reno - it's safe to say I won't be writing today.
Tracy's July word count: 33 585
Overall word count: LI now: 45 082, WS now: 25 556
Cups of coffee drank: Man, over the past month I had WAYYYY too much coffee.
Music: I love that I discovered new tunes during 1k!
Mindset: Accomplished. I'm pretty stoked about our summer 1k challenge. While it was easier for me to get the word counts in (as I'm off work for July), I still struggled with writing time vs. projects around the house, the wonderful weather, afternoon naps, etc. I learned that having all the time in the world can nix your motivation and spawn a seriously evil procrastination habit. If we do this again next summer, we might want to limit it to 2 weeks instead of the full month, as participants started to drop off about then - it is summer after all. ;)
Thanks for hanging with us! Keep writing!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

1k-a-day Day 30

Tami's day 29 word count: 853
Tami's July word count: 17,596
Overall word count: 7,110 (Parlor)
Cups of coffee drank: 2
Music: random songs from my ipod
Mindset: Today was a crazy/hectic day at work. The kind that frazzles you to no end. ::sigh:: I barely got words in and didn't hit 1k.My creativity is waning on Parlor and I think I need to take August to sit back and research. I feel like I'm explaining it, not telling it. Does that make any sense?

I think I caught your struggles, Tracy! Hope you had a better day. I know you can work out Losing It and it will ROCK!


Tracy's day 29 word count: LI: 355, WS: nadda
Tracy's July word count: 32 582
Overall word count: LI now:45 082
Cups of coffee drank: Lots and lots and it didn't help that we were renovating and the water was shut off for a few hours - nuking cold coffee just isn't right.
Music: 80's tunes
Mindset: Very Debbie Travis. I managed to write a wee bit in the morning before we started in on a bathroom reno. We replaced the vanity, toilet, sink and floor. Whew. Today we spackle, sand, and paint for a brilliant 2 day finish on a major john update. Will I write? Hmm....hard to I hope to fit in an hour at least. Did I mention we still have to paint the freaking fence?! Ugh.
Alright people, time to reno your writing: gut it, sandblast those cliches, spackle-fill those plot holes, and find new ways to make your reader, I wanna have a prolonged bathroom reading adventure with this book! Okay, maybe not....but you know what I'm going for.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Free Books Available for Week 4 and 1k-a-day!

Below is the list of available books for week 4 as well as the overall word count for 1k-a-day! Good luck everyone, and don't forget to post those week ending word counts, as well as your final word count by Sunday, August 2nd! We will announce the winners on Tuesday, August 4th

Week 4 word counts should be the words written between Wednesday, July 23 and Friday, July 31. Overall word counts should be words written between Wednesday, July 1 and July 31.

1k-a-day Day 29

Tami's day 28 word count: 1,014
Tami's July word count: 16,743
Overall word count: 6,257
Cups of coffee drank: 1 Wasn't too into coffee today, but did have a new kind of double flavor Skittles! YUM!
Music: nothing
Mindset: Yesterday was the kind of day I just typed the words to hit the goal. I'm dreading reading it tomorrow, but sometimes you just have to work through days like this. I'm hoping to finish off the last few days of 1k-a-day strong!

How's the Losing It fight going, Tracy?

HA! The Losing It fight...well I won a round yesterday, managed to get in a few paragraphs. Funny how I thought LI would be the easy finish and I'd spend most of this month working on WS.

Tracy's day 28 word count: LI: 422, WS: 651
Tracy's July word count: 32 227
Overall word count: LI now: 44 727, WS now: 24 553
Cups of coffee drank: Earl Grey tea and chocolate milk - a totally weird sipping day, I must admit.
Music: Colbie Caillat's first CD, Coco. (Is it just me, or does she look like Jennifer Aniston?)
Mindset: Panicked. Well, the last few days of 1k-a-day are upon us and I'm freaking out! I still have so much to write. Ugh! The return to work is looming in the distance and I'm scrambling to get'er done.
Okay, guys - unless you want to come over and help us paint our fence (and it goes on FOREVER!), I suggest you write till you drop!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

1k-a-day Day 28

Hope everyone got over the fact that yesterday was Monday! Remember, any amount of words is great! Even if it's in the low 100s.

Tami's day 27 word count: 1,036
Tami's July word count: 15,729
Overall word count: 5,243 (Parlor)
Cups of coffee drank: 2
Music: I had my iPod on random. It can be fun and also annoying! LOL
Mindset: Yesterday was hard to get into the swing of things again. I stared at pics of my new puppy (which I'll share when I bring him home), read all about Corgi's, watched Youtube you can see, the new puppy is already ruling my life and I don't even own him yet! After I got over that, I forced myself to sit down and work on Parlor. I'm still struggling with 3rd person. It feels flat and lifeless, but at this point I just want to make sure I have something down on paper. I can fix it later!

How'd it go for you today, Tracy? When do you go back to work?

_____'re going to be such a great fur mommy. ;) I wish more dog owners would read up on their buddies and puppy training before they brought them home. WORK?! Let's not think about it, okay? lol.....I go back on August 17th. So I'll be continuing the 1k-a-day goal until then.

Tracy's day 27 word count: WS: 1550
Tracy's July word count: 31 154
Overall word count: WS now: 23 902
Cups of coffee drank: A few and one really gross lime lager in the evening. Ick. I'm a dark ale person, I don't even know why I tried it.
Music: AOL radio - the movie soundtrack station
Mindset: In denial. I can't believe how stalled I am on Losing It. I tried to write though a scene yesterday and got a whole lot of nowhere with it. Thankfully, a cool idea for Witch's Shadow saved the day. It helps that I'm watching season 2 of Supernatural on DVD. I've got paranormal on the brain. ;) While I'm happy I broke the 30k mark, really I'm no where near my original goal. I wanted to do 2k per day, 1k for each WIP. Sigh. Maybe next year.
Okay peeps.....don't stop believing! You can make your mommas (and your fellow YAedgers) proud.....just keep writing for a few more days!

Monday, July 27, 2009

1k-a-day Day 27

Okay my friends, don't give up now. We are in the last stretch of 1k-a-day. We still need to give a few more books away. Since no one posted their week 3 (and please, if you did, remind me in the comments) we'll be giving away two books for week 4, as well as a book to the highest OVERALL monthly word count. This is the time to pad those numbers and put your head down and type. The end is near!

Tami's day 26 word count: 932
Tami's July word count: 14,693
Overall word count: worked more on the story ideas
Cups of coffee drank: 1 cup and then lots of iced tea and water. Man it's hot.
Music: Steve Goodman...his stuff is so fun
Mindset: I'm with Tracy. It is sooo hot. We don't have A/C either because it doesn't get too bad. Maybe a month of horrid heat, but it's not worth the cost. Anyway, I had trouble getting super creative so I went back to typing up the story ideas. It's writing I can just regurgitate and not have to worry about how pretty it is. Once I get the ideas down, then I fluff it up.

Hope it cooled down for you long enough to throw some words down on the page, Tracy! How'd you do?

It did cool off a smidge yesterday! We opened all the windows and had a wonderful breeze flowing through the house.

Tracy's day 26 word count: LI: nadda, WS: 1399
Tracy's July word count: 29 604
Overall word count: WS now: 22 352
Cups of coffee drank: Plenty
Music: My iTunes playlist - the goth/emo one. ;)
Mindset: Focused. I plotted and researched for most of the day, and settled down to write in the afternoon. I worked on and off until Trueblood. Losing It has stalled for me again, so I wrote for Witch's Shadow. Can't wait to dig into the new story you're working on, Tami!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

1k-a-day Day 26

Tami's day 25 word count: 1,021
Tami's July word count:
Overall word count: 1,021
Cups of coffee drank: 1 amazing good roasted coconut flavored coffee
Music: none
Mindset: I lost my internet Friday night through Saturday night, hence not posting on Saturday, or Twitting. Saturday was funny. Friends came into town unexpectedly and then we got the puppy bug. We found an amazing breeder of the kind of puppy we want close by and had to go check them out. Needless to say, we didn't leave with one, but we're picking him up next weekend. We couldn't resist! I'll share pictures when we get him. Anyway, writing. Saturday I wrote out a very rough synopsis for Worst Days and then spent a little time hand writing a few new ideas that came to me while on vacation.

Sorry about not being able to post yesterday Tracy! It's so frustrating when the modem decides to take a day off. How'd writing go for you!?

No prob, Tami - I was just worried it would be me finishing the you're back!

Tracy's day 25 word count: LI: 1099 WS: nadda
Tracy's July word count: 28 205
Overall word count: LI now: 44 305
Cups of coffee drank: zero - lots of water (we're in the middle of a heat wave - that's more than 3 days of 30C and it's HOT!)
Music: Songs with "wedding" in the title or lyrics at a bridal shower I went to.
Mindset: I was writing with a heat-fried brain yesterday, the house was stuffy and hot even with all our window open. We could get AC, but for the few weeks we actually need it, it's just not worth the money, ya know? Anyway, I managed to get my 1k in, although, looking over them this morning....I don't think heat is good for creativity. ;)

Let's keep pushing these babies out into the world! Only a few days left!