Sunday, November 21, 2010

NANO End Approacheth

And so the end of NANO draws near. I know I won't reach 50k, I'll be lucky to get 25k, however the experience has been worthwhile. I've moved faster with this WIP than with previous first drafts and I was inspired to work on a short story as well.

I'm hoping to keep this pace up for December/January and see if I can produce 25k each month - that's a decent first draft and in 3 months. Managable for me, I think.

Many of my NANO buddies, Tami included, are already nearing 50k or have won already. YOU GUYS ROCK! I'm amazed at your commitment. Whoopa! On December 1st I expect you all to have a decent shower, do your laundry and've earned some serious downtime.

Me? I'll still be plugging away. ;)

I did want to share one of my fav lines from my superhero NANO project. In this scene, Scarlet has just crashed into Jordan with her car. Jordan doesn't want to report the accident she never should have survived.

“So you’re saying you don’t want to involve the cops?” Scarlet rephrases. This is a seriously unexpected twist. Who gets hit by a car and doesn’t want to report it or get checked over?

“That’s right.” Jordan waits and in that waiting is life or death. Jordan’s life. Scarlet’s death. She waits for Scarlet to process her words. To react. And based on that reaction, Jordan will either reach for Elijah’s deathray gun resting in her coat pocket, or she won’t.

Do you have a fav few NANO project lines you want to share?? Let's have them!