Saturday, July 24, 2010

1k-a-day Day 25

Day 24 word count: 0
SS current word count:

LI current word count:
WS current word count:

I started strong yesterday, plotting and plotting. I'm sure I hit 1k, but I wrote in my coil notebook and, frankly, it's a mess. Crossed out sections and arrows and stuff in the margins. Hopefully I'll be able to turn my scribbles into something meaningful today. Good luck!

Day 24 word count:

Parlor current word count: 25,493

WD current word count:
Dream current word count: 2,212

Yesterday was a nice recovery day from Comic Con. We got up early and headed over to the eye doctor before have a great breakfast at one of our favorite morning restaurants. Then it was off to the park so Milo, our Corgi, could run around and get some of the energy he's been balling up this past week. The afternoon came, and I was ready to write. I love when I don't have to force myself to sit down to hit 1k, but actually enjoy open my computer and digging into the story. Overall, the rewriting is going well, and I have yet to have to touch my other WIP. I think getting a new idea during the month helped me pull away from Parlor for a day or so. I came back refreshed and actually solved a few problems I was having with character relation! I love when my brain does work behind the scenes.

We have a big week for giveaways! Be sure to stick around for the final days of 1k-a-day!


Bee said...

I'm not gonna get to 30,000 words *WAILS*

Hope you guys have better luck!

Leona said...

Well, I am not sure where my word count stands. I have so much done in pencil that I may not get it all transcribed. With my laptop out of commission, all my on the run work has been done by hand. As you now, most of my summer has been crazy, lol.

I came very close to 3k a day, and if I missed it, it's because of that dratted synopsis. It took me a week and basically shut down my creative juices. GRR Anyway, this has been a lot of fun.

Good luck Bee on getting that 30k. You sill have plenty of time. Maybe you will get your muse on and it will happen. We have faith you can do it.