Wednesday, July 21, 2010

1k-a-day Day 21

Day 20 word count: 1507
SS current word count: 61 557

LI current word count:
WS current word count:

I was happy with my word count yesterday. I think the hail storm inspired me. Nothing like Nature's fury to help with a battle scene. Huddled in the house with two freaked out dogs, the thunder did sound like mortar rounds going off - as close to trench warfare as I want to get.

Hopefully Tami will be able to log in today. Okay....I'm off to write....good luck peeps!

Day 20 word count: 250
Parlor current word count:
WD current word count:

So I only wrote 250 words, but with traveling and being in LA, at least it's something. I hope to write some today but don't have much hope. We'll be heading to Pasadena early for lunch and then the signing at 4. Can't wait! Will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great writing day! Maybe I'll have some swag to give away after tonight!


Miss Tammy said...

Yesterday's total - 392 words. Not the best, but it's still progress. And now I think I actually know where this scene needs to go. Maybe.

Tracy Belsher said...

Hey Miss Tammy - 1k-a-day goal can be meaningless if you end up nixing most of the work...knowing where the scene needs to go = priceless. ;)

Bee said...

553. Sigh.
Bugger, college work!

Tami Klockau said...

Totally agree with Tracy. If it helps you to your end goal then all words added and deleted are worth more gold than their weight!