Thursday, July 22, 2010

1k-a-day Day 22

Day 21 word count: 1000
SS current word count: 61 557

LI current word count:
WS current word count:

I was so close to 1k yesterday but ended on some weird number like 997 or something, so I added a few "blabla"s at the end of my last sentence to get 1k even. How's that for a number fixation? By the end of July I'll be using charcoal from our firepit to scribble "1k" all over my office walls in a thousand languages (including Sanskrit) and babbling about it being the new number of the beast. Ha! See, this is why I write fiction, so I can explore my madness without know...full-on mad. In theory.

Did I have a point here? Ummm....not really. Anywho - have a great Thursday and may it be numerically advantageous to us all.

Day 21 word count: not sure!
Parlor current word count:
WD current word count:

So, I'm back in San Diego! Man did I drive a lot yesterday. About 45 minutes to the signing, then a little over an hour back (yay rush hour traffic!) and then it took me about 2 hours and 45 minutes to get home from LA. That being said, it was worth it! I had such a great time at the Ally Carter/Melissa De La Cruz signing. Both girls were fabulous! They each talked for a few minutes to start off and then did a pretty long question and answer session. Everyone was able to get in questions (there was about 60 people there which is pretty good considering they did a signing just down the freeway the night before) and the answers were awesome. After that part was done, they signed. I love stores (especially indie stores like Vromans! If you're ever in the LA/Pasadena area, please do yourself a favor and visit them. They are the largest and oldest Indie book store in Southern California and have a great staff and AWESOME YA section.) that let you bring books from home to get signed. They were great about it and I was able to get the first Gallagher Girls book signed, the new one, the 3rd one, Heist Society and Ally's 1st book (not YA) all personalized. It was great because her first book, Cheating with Solitaire is out of print so she was just a little surprised to see it! Both girls took the time to talk to each person they signed for, amazing! Ally Carter's books are one of the reasons I started reading/writing YA, so it meant a lot to me. Thanks Ally!

Wow, that was long. Can you tell I'm STILL excited about it!? Oh, I also bought Lies by Michael Grant. I have yet to still read Hunger (the second in the Gone trilogy), but I couldn't pass it up as it was signed from when he was there a few weeks ago. I also got up the courage (I'm really shy in person) to say hi and introduce myself to Kami Garcia (co-author of Beautiful Creatures/Beautiful Darkness) which was nice. She's awesome. :)

So, back to the real world and writing. Yesterday I was able to do a little editing, but not much adding to the word count, which is why I have no idea how many words I wrote. In the end, I was happy with what I got accomplished because I was able to tweak the first 4 chapters again (seriously, will I ever move on?)

As far as today, I'm going to try to get a bit of writing in because tomorrow is Comic Con here in San Diego! I'll be going to the Beautiful Creatures/Beautiful Darkness signing, as well as trying to pick up free swag from a bunch of booths around. I'll give my full report on Saturday.

I hope everyone is having a great week. Tomorrow we'll announce which book is up for grabs this week. Don't forget to post your word count at least once to be entered.

Happy writing!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, lucky ! You got all of those signed books :D Anyways, my word count for this week is 6890!


Tracy Belsher said...

Great word count, Alison! Thanks for checking in. :)

Tami, good Lord woman, that's one hell of a fangirl week! Enjoy the Comic Con. Can't wait to hear about it.

Josh said...

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