Sunday, July 4, 2010

1k-a-day Day 4

Tracy's Day 3 word count: zippo
SS current word count: 36 754

LI current word count:
WS current word count:

Well, yesterday was a bust. I decided to get all obsessy over my new website and didn't get in any writing for my 1k-a-day projects. I did, however, write content for various sections of the site, answer a few blogger interview questions and THINK about my twisted plot in Second Skin. Soooooo.....while I failed on the 1k aspect, my day was still productive. I'll make up for it over the next few hours. Hopefully.

Yes - happy July 4th! I'm going to celebrate via a matinee show of Eclipse and stuff my face with popcorn. I have five hours before showtime. I best get writing....

Tami's Day 3 word count: 1,062
Parlor current word count: 3,443
WD current word count: 5,993

First I must say to all of our US YAedgers, HAPPY 4th of JULY! Try to get a few words in today, but don't stress too much. You can always fit in a few extra words later in the week. Please make sure to stay safe and have a great time. :)

Yesterday I decided to split up my writing so that I didn't wait until the last moment. The first 500 words came pretty easily as I decided to work on a chapter that I had skipped the first time around. I knew where I wanted to go loosely, so it wasn't flying by the seat of my pants. The second half of my word count was a little harder as the day was winding down and I was sipping a margarita. I know when I get to the point of re-writes, I will have to tweak the chapter a little bit, but I'm happy to have the hole filled.


Jennifer C. said...

Happy 4th of July! It's also my mother's birthday.

I didn't write yesterday at all. Today I did pretty good.
I only worked on one of my two wip, which may be the case for the entire month.

Word count for day 4: 1142
HUTU current word count: 7369

Bee said...

Again managed 500 for the day.

Till my exams are done, don't think I'm gonna progress much.

Total word count: 3327