Tuesday, July 6, 2010

1k-a-day Day 6

Tracy's Day 5 word count: 1599
SS current word count:
40 689
LI current word count:
WS current word count:

Tami's back in the game and I'm still struggling, but determined to hit my stride. I've stuck with SS and haven't had the umph to write for my other projects - so far. I'm hoping today will change that. I slept in. (NEVER do) I've been hanging out with friends and soaking in sunshine. The remaining tension from the school year is starting to slip away and I'm embracing summer mode. There's creative energy in the air...let's get to work!

Tami's Day 5 word count: 1,416
Parlor current word count: 5,271
WD current word count:

I'm back in the game which makes me happy. It wasn't a great writing day yesterday, but it did the job. I hope to really hit re-writes and edits hard the rest of the week now that I'm back in my normal routine (i.e. my husband is back at work today after a four day weekend). Today will be busy. I hope to re-write at least one chapter, edit one chapter and then read the first chapters of a few of my favorite YA books to see how they have the extra zing. Right now, I feel as if I'm telling the story, not showing as much as I'd like. I need a little magic dust to make it pretty, so if you know where I can get some, please share! ;)

We're almost through our first full week of 1k-a-day! The word counts are climbing and everyone seems positive! Great job so far!

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Leona said...

Word counts are awesome :D I'm going to have to inscribe my words to the computer before I have new word counts :D

No, I am not going to try and count my chicken scratch as well as the arrows and underlines and black outs and figure out the word count. I am going to do it once--when I put it on cybertechnology.

I will endeavor to do it tonight after rehearsal so I can have a good work count for end of week!

Thanks for doing this. It would be too easy to let the writing go with all the canning and other stuff going on right now lol