Thursday, July 8, 2010

1k-a-day Day 8

Day 7 word count: 1487
SS current word count: 44 844

LI current word count:
WS current word count:

Day 8 - wow, that went fast. I'm still mifted that I haven't touched on my two other WIPs, but I have a feeling I'll crunch some words for them in the last week (I'm motivated by deadlines). It's great having others with us for the journey, I do enjoy hearing how our writer buds are doing. No one really gets this crazy writer's life, save other crazy writers. ;)

Good luck today! May your muse be with you. (Man, that was

Day 7 word count: 2,161
Parlor current word count: 8,930
WD current word count:

Happy new 1k-a-day week! We've now been at it a full 7 days and are on to our 8th. Still feeling confident and happy? I hope so! Keep going everyone.

I still haven't touched WD during 1k-a-day, but I don't mind since that's my fallback if I get stuck on Parlor. Things are going pretty good. Today's word count looks a little bigger than it should because in my edits/rewrites, areas are pasted from the old chapter. I figured I'd include them since I really have no way of separating them out and I'm well over the 1k.

Back to our little discussion the past few days about reading to learn how to write. I think it's important for every writer to dissect as many books as possible. Sometimes it helps if the book is the same genre as the one you're writing, but other times I find that something completely different is even more of a help. I think I learn the most from looking at point of view and how each author handles it. For example, Parlor is written in 3rd person, which I have trouble with. I find that I get stuck in telling, like I mentioned yesterday. It's more difficult for me to add that extra spark to a character, to really get in their head. Reading other 3rd person POV books that I love helps me understand what goes into making 3rd person as strong a voice as 1st.

Does anyone else do the same other than Tracy and I?

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