Saturday, July 3, 2010

1k-a-day Day 3

Tracy's Day 2 word count: 1339
SS current word count: 36 754

LI current word count:
WS current word count:

I have no excuse for not writing more yesterday. I struggled all morning to produce my 1k for SS and once I finally cranked out the words...I fiddle farted with all kinds of things, save writing. I contacted a friend to help me revamp my website (Thanks Erika! It's gonna be nifty!). I scanned my bookshelves and skimmed/re-read a few of my favs. I even cleaned the cupboard under the sink. Come on, NOBODY cleans that cupboard, NOBODY. Anyway, I shall try to keep focused today and make my momma proud. ;) Good luck everyone!

Tami's Day 2 word count: 1,111
Parlor current word count: 2,381
WD current word count: 5,993

Since I'm re-writing Parlor, I've chosen to show my word count as if I'm starting a new WIP (so adding yesterday and today's word count together for the current total). It was weird adding to the already 50k+ words that I had since it was almost a complete first draft. I haven't worked on WD yet for 1k-a-day, but when I do, I will be adding to the existing word count as it's so early in the 1st draft process.

Now onto my day. Writing was a little rocky after spending the day at the San Diego County Fair. Fairs are always so surreal as people walk around with fried butter (yes, they honestly had fried butter this year...don't ask), chocolate-covered bacon and other strange things you would never think to eat and then go on rides that turn you upside down until you puke. Fortunately, I was smart and only had a huge turkey leg, fresh potato chips, cotton candy and a few bites of the chocolate-covered bacon (my husband made a pinky swear that he would eat it). Walking in the ocean fresh air with the sun beating down on you, coming home and writing is the last thing on earth on your mind. BUT, I will say that I sat down and wrote 1,111 words, though it was painful. Since I'm working on re-writes, I'm trying to make each word count toward the goal of a second draft and not just a word that will send me closer to my word count. Anyway, super long story short, I hit my 1k for day 2!

I hope you all had it a little easier than I did (and ate a little healthier than I did) for the start of the 4th of July weekend in the US. Today is a new day, and one step closer to 30k this month. Keep your music rocking and your fingers tapping!


Mary Brebner said...

Nice job, Tami. Tracy, I'm right there with you! I rearranged my entire library (three floor-to-ceiling shelves) AND scrubbed/wiped down the shelves, books and knickknacks before I was able to focus enough to get the words flowing.

But last year's 1k-a-day challenge helped me kick start my WIP--just like this year. Yahoo!

I started with 280 words and just a glimmer of an idea yesterday and am up to 2184 words--And I haven't even started today yet!

Leona said...

Nice guys! The 1kaday is doing what it's supposed to--getting us writing when we would have put it off!

I think I posted word count yesterday. I'm only 800 off my goal of 3kaday for 5 days a week and that is with a 2 hour car drive that should have taken 20 min. The whole day was like that. So, struggled to make my 1kaday (personal minimum) and made up for it yesterday.

I've discovered that adding word count while editing is VERY stressful, but I did it. Part of the goal in editing this round was to add words so it helped.

No I have to totally rewrite first two chapters and ending for thriller as well as work on the scifi and and and *stops to breathe.

I recently got a writing partner and a beta reader or three so everything seems to be moving at breakneck speed.

Happy Fourth everyone!

Tami Klockau said...

Great job you two! Mary/Tracy, just think you now have clean bookshelves and cupboards so they don't distract you from the next 28 days! ;)

Mary, it's so rewarding to hear that our little challenge has helped you kick start your WIPs! Great job!

Leona, you are awesome. With everything going on in your life, I'm amazed at the words that you can produce in a day, let alone edit as well!

Bee said...

Good job, guys!

I only about managed 500 words today, since it was my birthday and I was out most of the time. Hoping to catch up soon, but I guess I'll get down to full time writing only after the 12th, as my uni exams are going on at present. So..
I have a really good feeling about this. Just what I needed to round off my WiP.

Tami Klockau said...

Happy belated birthday, Bee! I hope you had a great one!