Saturday, July 10, 2010

1k-a-day Day 10

Tracy's Day 9 word count: 1109
SS current word count: 48 010

LI current word count:
WS current word count:

Great plan of attack for 1k-a-day, Tami! I'm plugging along scene after scene and adding whatever I can from my first draft of SS (of which the plot has drastically changed because of tweaks to UMS). Some of it is totally getting nixed, some I'm saving for book three, but a smidge is being worked into SS and blends well. Moral of the story...when writing a series what you change in one book will alter them all. It's just lovely. :)

Good luck for the Friday giveaway!

Tami's Day 9 word count: 1,406
Parlor current word count: 11,731
WD current word count:

Happy weekend everyone!

I'm sure you've probably noticed by now from my previous days, I've mentioned chapters as much as word counts. When writing a first draft, I don't care how sloppy I get, I just care about getting the story out and my word count if I'm doing a contest such as 1k-a-day or NaNoWrimo. Now that I'm working on the second draft of Parlor, word count is important because 1k-a-day, but my true concern is chapters. Each word I put down needs to be crisper than it was in the 1st draft, the story needs to flow with no holes large enough to jump into and get lost in. Each chapter, each scene needs to have a purpose and if it doesn't, throw it out. This is what I'm dealing with right now, and I've set my challenge to not only write 1k-a-day, I've also made sure that I'm knocking out a 2nd draft of at least one chapter per day. Currently, the first draft has 36 chapters. When we started 1k-a-day, a couple of those chapters were just notes, based on where I wanted the story to go, so I spent time filling those in. Now that every chapter has at least some form of the first take, I can focus on the issues. I hope to have all 36 chapters edited in a 2nd draft form by the end of 1k-a-day, so that my crit group can jump into it ASAP. Anyway, just thought I would share the way I'm going about 1k-a-day this year!

I will announce the winner of the second 1k-a-day book giveaway some time today on the blog and our Twitter feed! Good luck everyone!

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Mary Brebner said...

I stalled out a bit this week but finally got at least SOME words added. Not even close to 1k a day but some. Which is better than none. *sigh*

Day 1 word count: 280
Day 10 word count: 6169

PS: Please don't enter me in the DULL BOY giveaway--I already have that one. Fun story. I liked the kid who had a sucking vortex in his stomach (never heard of that as a "power" before; v. creative).