Friday, July 9, 2010

1k-a-day Day 9

Day 8 word count: 2057
SS current word count: 46 901

LI current word count:
WS current word count:

I love Tami's idea of going to a café to write. During the school year (I work in an elementary school library) I usually trot over to Beantrees, our local java joint, for my lunch break and attempt to write. However, I live in small town. It's lunch time. People I know like coffee. And so I end up in conversations with friends and not much writing gets done. Now that I'm on summer vacation, I haven't tried heading to Beantrees early in the morning. Might just have to give it a go. Their chai lattés are to DIE for. ;)

Day 8 word count: 1,395
Parlor current word count: 10, 325
WD current word count:

Yesterday I decided to change it up a little. Instead of going to my favorite writing place, Panera for lunch, I woke up early, got ready and headed there for breakfast. Not only was it cheaper, I had a choice of seating and all was quiet for the most part. I finished editing the last chapter of the book (for now), which I started yesterday, as well as work on editing/rewriting another chapter. It's going good overall. My characters' voices are much stronger toward the end of the book (which means sense for a first draft), but I am not trying to get that same personality into the rest of the story. The great thing about working on edits/rewrites for 1k-a-day is not having to stare at a blank page for too long. It's more working with pieces I have and trying to add to them and improve. It's a little less stressful when writer's block starts to creep in.

I'll be posting which book is up for grabs this week a little later today! Please make sure to get a word count in for the week if you haven't done so! I will be including anyone in the drawing that has posted a word count from last Friday to today at 9pm PDT! GOOD LUCK!


Anonymous said...

Okay. So I had a good amount of words for my story, but then I read it over and scrapped it :( So I will be up to par. Since I just started yesterday, I have about a thousand words. I'm still going to continue with the 1k a day, but I won't have as many as I should !


Leona said...

Okay, Take two. I already tried this and internet card decided it needed to quit working as it was posting!. Sigh.

As it is hotter than Hades in my room during my writing time, and as I am busier than a chicken with it's head cut off, most of my writing has been done long hand and then translated. A monumentous task all on its own :)

I didn't get all the chicken scratch converted to a sembelance of English. However, I did manage a lot of words anyway. Blood Traitors and Damian series are the same.

Quest for Riverhand 84,099
Winds of Fire 53,035

That makes a total of 11274, so I only have to make up 3726 in order to get my 3kaday average and I already have some of that on paper lol I cut that much as well. You know how it is in editing. That's the risk of using a ms you are editing. At one point, I cut 2k. Just highlighted and hit DELETE. I refused to let myself take it back, even if my word count did suffer.

I have found that if I force myself to write on a particular MS even if I'm not wanting to, the words end up being cut anyway. I have to want to work on that particular book for my voice to be up to par with what doesn't get cut.

good luck everyone :D