Wednesday, July 8, 2009

1k-a-day Day 8

Okay everyone, it's a start of a new 1k-a-day week! Make sure to post your daily word counts for a chance at week 2's books. I know we can keep up the great week we've put in for week 1.

I checked out the few great word counts for week 1 that have been posted. You guys rock! I was blown away. If you haven't posted your final week 1 word count, be sure to do so before tonight. We will be announcing the winners Thursday, July 9. For the two winners, all you have to do is email us at (there's a link on the side bar to your right) and list your name, address and the book you'd like us to send to you. I'll do the rest! WOOHOO!

Have a great Day 8!

Tami's day 7 word count:
Tami's July word count: 7,679
Overall word count: I finished Lost and Found's revisions today. The final word count for the book is 66,396
Cups of coffee drank: 2
Music: Eels and Michael Jackson
Mindset: Happy. That's all I can say. I finished Lost and Found (this time I feel amazing about the end product.). I know if/when I get an agent, there will be another round of edits/revisions, as well as if it ever sells, but as of now it's complete. I've been working on it since April of '08 (and this is draft 7 I think, maybe 6 1/2). Now I just need to send it out to the few agents who requested fulls. :)

Did you get any writing done despite your trip, Tracy? How was Edmonton?


You finished, Tami! Whoot!! Congrats!

Tracy's day 7 word count: I hang my head in shame. Zero again.
Tracy's July word count:
Overall word count:
Cups of coffee drank: A few Starbucks caramel confections loaded with cream and calories - my treadmill will love me this week.
Music: My husband's '80s music mix CDs - for SIX hours in the car.....okay, so I like them, too - I'll admit it. ;)
Mindset: Scattered, tired, shopped out, and sick of all the traffic/extra bodies in the city. Now that I'm back in my small town - I'm much more settled and ready to write. We didn't get home until late and by then my brain was mush from all the driving in the rain. However, I bought a ton of great books on the trip, went to a few wicca shops and goth clothing stores, and ended up with lots of notes for my paranormal WIP. So the non-writing time wasn't a total loss. Back to the grind today though!

Well, my friends - we're into week two!!


Lori A. May said...

I'm still working on today's writing, but wanted to make sure to share my Week 1 numbers.

Total July word count, Week One = 8,297

Now, back to the wip for a happy Week 2!

Lori A. May

Mary Brebner said...

Total July word count
Week 1: 7,393

I'm back to my WIP, just like Lori!

Anonymous said...

Week One = 7,852

Week Two - Day One = 3,099

Tracy Belsher said...

Awesome work, guys - look at those totals! ;)

I gotta get my ass in gear to make it

Lori A. May said...

I have already posted my Week One total word count (8,297), but wanted to share my numbers for the start of Week Two.

Today's word count = 1,020
Total July word count = 9,317

Wow. I can smell the 10K mark. Cool.

Best of luck to all. ;)

Lori A. May

Tami Klockau said...

Awesome! Everyone's totals are rocking!