Friday, July 10, 2009

1k-a-day Day 10

Day 10 already! Wow, we're moving fast, 1/3 the way there. Just think, if you keep up the pace you had in week 1, you could have a first draft done by the end of the month! Keep it up, girls!

Tami's day 9 word count:
Tami's July word count: 9,858
Overall word count: 3,200 (for Worst Days)
Cups of coffee drank: 2
Music: Vampire Weekend ( I don't have a playlist for this new book yet, so I've been all over the place as far as music is concerned.)
Mindset: Today is an odd writing day for me. I actually had a lot going on at work so I didn't think I would get writing time. Between that and surfing the web :::ducks from the guilt::: I thought it would be another late night writing. At the end, I pulled it off before leaving work. Of course, I'm at work later (it's now 7:11pm) but I can go home guilt free to read two days in a row! What a concept!

Hope you weren't up too late writing, Tracy! I will say, I prefer this new writing schedule I'm on, thanks for switching with me. ;)

OMG - so we got up early today and took the dogs for a swim on the beach before the crowds showed up - and I totally forgot to post my day 9 info - oops, sorry it's a bit late. :)

Tracy's day 9 word count: LI: 540, WS: 1452
Tracy's July word count: 14 483
Overall word count: LI now: 36 163, WS now: 14 361
Cups of coffee drank:
Music: Silence - but not the silence of the lambs. ;)
Mindset: Yesterday was a hurry, blurry kind of writing day. I wrote a ton in the morning (back to my old self!) and then in spirts throughout the day. Spreading it out was kind of fun - I'd watch a movie with the hubbie and then "go dark" and hide in my office to write.

Hope we all have a productive weekend!


Kitty Keswick said...

Okay, I really suck at writing this month. Sigh. Sad numbers my friends, sad numbers. Tonight 725 words total for ROF = 16,334. editing and marketing is eating up my time.

karinlibrarian said...

Today totally rocked. I had my best day so far. My WIP is really getting to the exciting part. Anyway, today I wrote 3,432. My total words so far on my WIP is 22,434.

Lori A. May said...

Kitty, I hear ya... I'm doing a lot of promo/marketing for my autumn release so it's taking up a lot more of my day than writing is right now. But all in a day's work, right? You're still kickin' it, so keep it up!

Way to go, Karin! Very nice. I'm impressed and hope I get a day like that soon.

Okay, here we go....

Day 10 word count = 1,004
Total July word count = 11,344

I'm hoping for a productive weekend. Fingers crossed.

Lori A. May

Tami Klockau said...

If you're sitting and writing every day, Kitty, it counts! Don't beat yourself up! Any word is a good word IMO. :)

Karin...WOW! GO YOU! Can you almost taste the free contest book? LOL. Keep it up!

Lori, not too shabby! You've hit 1k every day so far, right? Impressive!

Kitty Keswick said...

Thanks Girls,
Way -to-go Karin those are impressive numbers. Thanks Lori,I'm glad I'm not alone in the marketing vortex...

Here's hoping I get more done today...

Leona said...

July 10, 2009
WOF: 37,003, BT: 16,235, NEW 150
WOF: 38,313, BT: 16,234, NEW UGH

I keep having trouble getting these in :) I'm still working on todays (it's 11:09 here) so will post those tomorrow (or tonight if I can)

As you can see, I actually went backwards on one :( but my over all word count is good, at 1,312. It's a good thing since today's numbers arent' looking so hot.

To karinlibrarian:

Awesome job! keep it up :)

WE are all doing amazing. Thank you all for helping me stay consistent.