Monday, July 6, 2009

1k-a-day Day 6

The week is winding down. Don't forget to post your week ending word counts by Wednesday night for a chance at our book giveaway.

Tami's day 5 word count:
0 (but I have good reason!)
Tami's July word count: 4,079
Overall word count: I promise I'll post this tomorrow
Cups of coffee drank: 1 cup of coffee, a gallon of lemonade
Music: No music since I didn't write unless the sounds of the San Diego County Fair count.
Mindset: Okay, so here's my excuse- I didn't write, but I thought a LOT about my book, Lost and Found today. My husband finished reading it this morning so we sat on the couch for a good hour and a half plus talking about how to rearrange the ending for maximum impact. Spending another hour figuring that out, jotting down notes and getting it all set in my head has to count for something, right? Okay, another reason I didn't write...we went to the County Fair and it was insane. After fresh fried chips, a frozen banana, too much lemonade and a new bonsai tree, I was officially exhausted. I didn't have anything super fried (they seriously had a hot dog inside of a zucchini and then battered and fried--talk about a heart attack waiting to happen), but I feel like my skin absorbed all the crap around me. Today I plan to put forth my changes and finally finish Lost and Found for the 7th time (yes, this is draft SEVEN). Keep your fingers crossed for me!

How'd Sunday go for you, Tracy? Any fun in the sun? And yes, I am insane and starting ANOTHER WIP. When they speak to you, it just has to happen. You know?


Sounds like you had an awesome day, Tami. We get one of those tiny, mall parking lot carnivals, usually in August. I only go for the little cinnamon donuts. I luvs those. ;)

Tracy's day 5 word count: LI: 861, WS: 424
Tracy's July word count: 10 252
Overall word count: LI now 35 623, WS now 11 696
Cups of coffee drank: 0 - I ran out of coffee and we didn't leave the house at all yesterday. But chai tea, yes, lots of chai tea.
Music: I recently purchased Dido's CD, Safe Trip Home, and upon first listen (a month or so ago) I couldn't get into it. Yesterday I listened to that CD (and the bonus CD) ALLLLL day, and, yeah, it's grown on me.
Mindset: I was a bit scattered on Day 5, flipped through a bunch of the edgy YA titles I have on my desk, reading for different ways to handle dialogue beats. I've identified a phrase I've milked dry "shot me a dark look" - that rotten thing is everywhere. My writing is the Wild West of dark looks, they're shooting willy-nilly all over my pages. And I know why. It's my go-to beat when I'm banging out the story and don't want to take the time to be creative. Unfortunately, that means that while the story progresses, I then have to back track and nix 95% of those little suckers. Sigh. I didn't meet my personal 2k goal, but I did eliminate a few DLs.

Great job on the word counts this weekend, folks! Let's keep at it.


Selestial said...

I was bad and didn't write at all on Saturday, but I managed just over 1000 yesterday. Gonna shoot for better today (since the kids seem to be willing to behave and all)

universalchampion said...

oof, one holiday weekend and i'm off the wagon! i didn't write saturday/sunday/today (this week i'm juggling work and volunteering for willie mae rock camp for girls), but i hope to scrounge up some writing time this week! cheers, c (ps for anyone who's curious! it's fantastic!)

Selestial said...

I made it today too, not much over the 1k but I made it. And more importantly I figured out why the scene I wrote was necessary :P

Lori A. May said...

I squeaked by today!

Here are my numbers for Day 6.

Today’s word count = 1,003
Total July word count = 7,229

My plan for Tuesday is to write, write, and write!

Keep it up ladies. I love this place for motivation. ;)

Lori A. May

Awkward Librarian said...

I had my critique group tonight and I didn't think I was going to make it, but I wanted to make it past my first 10k and I DID. Also my critique group had good things to say and good suggestions for the first few scenes of my WIP.

Today's start:9883
Today's addition: 1170
Total word count: 11053!

Tami Klockau said...

Awesome everyone! Keep up the good work.

Those of you who had a hard time on the weekend (trust me, I'm right there with you) don't worry! Week 1 is almost through and week 2 starts with a clean slate! You never know, you may still have one of the two top word counts for week 1.