Sunday, July 5, 2009

1k-a-day Day 5

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th and for those of you outside of the US, a great Saturday!

Tomorrow I will post a list of books available to the winner(s) of week one. Be sure to check back later today!

Tami's day 4 word count:
Tami's July word count: 4,079
Overall word count: I'm all over the place this 1k-a-day. Today I had a great idea and had to start it, so for that WIP, I'm 1,022 words in. I'll have to decide which I want to focus on, the new one (which doesn't even have a working title right now) or Parlor.
Cups of coffee drank: 1 cup of coffee, a large kiwi and watermelon shaved ice, white wine with dinner and a little bit of almond champagne for dessert. MMmmm
Music: Just the sound of fireworks and my husband watching the Twilight Zone marathon on TV.
Mindset: Like I said above, I started something new. It came to me today, part of it is actually something that happened to me and I think I'm now far enough from the situation that I can write about it. The words flew out of me, landing on the page with purity. Awesome, no other word to describe it. The story is writing itself.

Did you get a great day of writing in, Trace?


A new WIP, Tami? Wowza, you're on fire, girl. ;) I still love Parlor's concept though, so you gotta finish that one at some point. Okay, here's how yesterday went down for me:

Tracy's day 4 word count: LI: 1027, WS: 1003
Tracy's July word count: 8967
Overall word count: LI now at 34 762, WS now at 11 272
Cups of coffee drank: I tell you I was jittery I drank so much coffee - gotta love that shaky, queazy feeling at about 9 pm, eh? my innards may not love you, but I do.
Music: Yesterday I went old school, listened to The Who, Queen, The Jackson 5, The Beatles and many more rock icons.
Mindset: Like the music I listened to, the writing I did alternated between happy little beats to whoa, where'd that psychedelic stuff come from? I'm guessing there will be lots to hack from Day 4's quota, but meet it I did. ;) As a reward, I relaxed in the yard with my two crazy labs and let them splash around in their plastic kiddy pool.

We're almost into week two, my friends! We can do this. Remember, carpal tunnel only hurts if you cry.


Mary Brebner said...

Didn't make up missing 800 words from yesterday but did meet goal for today!

Started with: 30,720
Finished with: 31,845
Total for 6/5: 1,125

Leona said...

July fourth (sorry didn't get this posted last night. PS I'm west coast so it's only 7:05 now so I still have time to work for today.) word count:
start: WOF: 32,032, BT: 14,713, NEW: 150
End: WOF: 32,549, BT: 15,359, NEW:150

total for fourth is 1163.
July total (through fourth) is 5395

Today I'm gonna keep on truckin'!

(I'm very shocked my total went over 1k yesterday, but glad!)

Awkward Librarian said...

Added today 1197
Started with 8686
Ending at 9883

Tami Klockau said...

Great job everyone! The word counts are amazing, especially for a holiday weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wanted to get more done than this is my count.

Started at 10,817
Ended at 12,852

Added - 2,035

Leona said...

Okay, I did it! I made the 1k (although I fell short of my personal 2k goal)
WOF: 376, BT 764 for a total of 1140, bringing my July total up to 6535!

Lori A. May said...

Everyone is doing so good! This place rocks.

Here are my numbers for Day 5.

Today’s word count = 1,015
Total July word count = 6,226


Lori A. May