Monday, November 24, 2008

Short is Sweet: Flash Fiction

I used to write with a Flash Fiction group during the summers - when I had time to crunch out a story each week. I highly recommend this group if you enjoy writing flash fiction or want to try it out:

Flash Fiction is a complete story told in under 2000 (or so) words. You may hear it called, short short stories or postcard fiction. Whatever the title, the challenge is to be concise, clear and captivating within the word count constraint. (Whew! How many "c" words are in that sentence?)

I used to love the Monday morning prompts - just a word or phrase that you had to use as inspiration for that week's story. The word can actually appear in your story or just serve as a theme.

In light of my flash fiction reminiscing, I'm offering a prompt and setting the required word count at maximum 150. Wanna play??

Monday's prompt: awaken
Required WC: 150

For an example, here's one I did (98words)- the prompt was: sweet


Margaret closed the door on the back of Mr. Franks, eager salesman and minor romantic nuisance.

"Boys?" she trilled. "You can come out now. That fool's gone and left.” The floor shuddered. "I told him to take his fancy flea powder of his outta my house before I lost my temper."

She struggled in the pantry for a time and brought out large sacks of sugar.

"Come and get it..." The floorboards groaned. Thousands of cockroaches streamed up from the depths of the house.

"Ain’t they sweet…" Margaret smiled as her boys dug in.


Tami Klockau said...

Awesome post! I used to do flash fiction quite a bit. I have a book that has a prompt a day which I love looking through, just for inspiration (I forget what the book is titled. When I get home I can post the title)

I think we should start a writing prompt/flash fiction day here on YA edge!

JC Martin said...

I've never tried this. I guess because I'm a long winded individual. That short was funny and cute. I may have to give it a try.