Sunday, November 23, 2008

1k-a-day Day 23

Okay folks. Things are not going well for me. Didn't get to write again today. Life is taking over and I need November over. Weird how the pressure gets to my mind. Hope you all had a better Saturday than I did!

Tami's Day 22 WC: 0
Mindset: This needs to be my motto in the remaining days left. This has been the hardest November for me in the past 4 years. Yikes! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving prep. Making a pumpkin pie from scratch, a tradition in my house. :)
Tami's Day 23 WC: will update

Hope your trip to Edmonton is going well, Tracy! Did you get a chance to write?


Write? No. Play? Yes! Got tons of character ideas, too - as we rambled around the artsy part of town. The South Side of Eddy is what I miss the most about the city. But then I get overwhelmed by the cars, the noise, the people and can't wait to get home.

We saw Twilight and while parts of it had energy (baseball scene rocked!), I think they had a tough time bringing all that emotion to the screen without it being a cheese fest.

Tracy's gonna get writing again as soon as she gets home....yup, she is.

Great answers for The Big Question! Keep them coming!


Denise Jaden said...

2000 words today. Getting to the climax!

Chick Lit Gurrl said...

I just made the 1k @ 1,065, but I've crossed the 53k mark in my monthly endeavor, :-)

Tracy Belsher said...

Congrats on flying past the 50k mark, Chick Lit Gurrl! Whohoo!