Thursday, November 27, 2008

1k-a-day Day 26 and Thanksgiving!

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all in the US. My post tomorrow will be dedicated to everything I have to be thankful for this year.

Tami's Day 26 total:
zip, zero, zilch
Tami's November overall WC: in the 13,000s
Tami's overall WC: 38,428
Music: nada
Mindset: I'm okay with not writing yesterday. Why? Because a lot of positives happened instead. I got a bit of work done at my day job, video chatted with Tracy for about 30 minutes regarding my new idea (Tracy, you ROCK! I can't thank you enough), prepared for Thanksgiving (I'm cooking this year) and did plotting for my new idea PLUS Lost and Found. Oh, and the LA Kings won on the road in Edmonton. Not too shabby.
Tami's Day 27 WC: Will update.

How was the rest of your night, Tracy?


I got a bit of writing done yesterday, but forgot to check the word count - I'll update this post after school. I was thrilled to get chapter 11 out of the way and am so close to finishing with this edit...but I still have a bit to go. Was fun chatting with you, Tami - love your idea and can't wait to see how it developes.

LA won in Edmonton? Hmm...if I was into hockey, I would be ticked now, right? :)

Tracy's Day 25 WC:
Tracy's overall WC: 20, 196
Mindset: If I can walk after today's exercise class - I intend to climb the stairs to my office and spend the night writing and resting my aching bones.
Tracy's Day 26 WC: 2039 (I forgot to do my word count from yesterday - so this is a combined total)


Denise Jaden said...

1500 today. I'm only 850 words from the 50k mark, but I'm just not quite getting there. Tomorrow for sure!

Tracy Belsher said...

For sure you'll get there tomorrow, Denise - to you 850 words just warms up your fingers. :)