Saturday, November 29, 2008

1k-a-day Day 29

1k-a-day is wrapping to a close tomorrow. How sad is that? Don't forget tomorrow to post your week 4 word count!

Tami's Day 28 total:
Tami's November overall WC: in the 14,000s
Tami's overall WC: 1,008
Music: nada
Mindset: Not a bad day. You will notice that my overall is listed at 1,008, the same total as my day 28 total. I didn't work on Lost and Found yesterday, but my new WIP. I couldn't resist writing the first chapter.
Tami's Day 29 WC: Will update.

How'd it go yesterday, Tracy? Did the movies win out?


Yeah, movies and couch won last night -but now I'm hard at work procrastinating (Big Question #1!), and changing my Twitter settings. :)

Tracy's Day 28 WC: 0
Tracy's overall WC: 22, 232
Mindset: I have two more chapters to tweak and then I'm done with this edit. Can't turn back now.
Tracy's Day 29 WC: will update later
I'm in awe of all our 1k-a-day friends....and Nano finalists. So productive!

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Tracy Belsher said...

Oops, I forgot to check in last night - but I did write 1074 words.