Friday, July 2, 2010

1k-a-day Day 2

Tracy's Day 1 word count: 1252
SS current word count: 35 415

LI current word count: 37 135
WS current word count: 6504

My 1k came easily on Day 1. I finished before lunch. However, I went back to my laptop a few hours later, all cocky-like, and thought I'd breeze off at least another k on one of my other projects. Ummm...nope. I was distracted by anything and everything online. Plus - Canada Day. I tried again several times, but ended up downloading new songs from iTunes or some such thing un-writing related. I decided to be happy with my smidge over 1k for SS.

Great to see the starting points of all who are joining us. This month is OURS! How did you do, Tami?

Tami's Day 1 word count: 1,270
Parlor current word count: 51, 768
WD starting word count: 5993

For day 1 I worked on re-writing the first chapter of Parlor. Did I mention how much I hate re-writing chapter one? Man, it was hard and I'm still not happy. I'm sure tomorrow will start with deleting a few words I wrote today before moving on to chapter 2, but that's the ebb and flow of re-working a story.

I plan to head to the Del Mar Fair, stuff my face with fatty food in hopes of getting great ideas from the sugar rush today! Hope everyone had a great day 1 of 1k-a-day!


Miss Tammy said...

Didn't quite make it with only 721 words. :( I plan on rallying after the holiday weekend!

Starting word count: 13,825
Day 1 word count: 14,546

Jennifer C. said...

I didn't make my word count on day one only did 469. However, it's day two and I did awesome.

HUTU starting word count: 4451
current word count: 6277
words written today: 1357

BNB word count:14 686

Didn't add anything to the second wip.

Leona said...

okay. I made up for yesterday. Although, I did forget to add Winds of Fire. I had nearly 53k on it, had to tie up ends 1 final chapter and bam. have to take out the first two chapters and rewrite. sigh. That leaves me at 46441.

I'm going to finish it up as well as the others I am working on so, word count tonight (will count the rest I do later)

Quest for Riverhand 83628 with edits on 16-20 still rolling in. That's over 4k for tonight and 1k last night. Will make up the other 800 or so words I need as the weekend progresses.

I haven't worked on the others as I've been strenuously working on Quest for Riverhand.