Thursday, July 1, 2010

1k-a-day: Day 1 - Put Us In Coach

Okay, TEAM YAedge. Tracy here. Well, this is it. The month we've been waiting for, the month where we show our WIPs just who the boss really is...time. And we're committing to write for however long it takes us to produce 1k-a-day. All month long. At the end of our writing frenzy, we'll have 30 000 glorious words...maybe more if our muses are generous.

Stretch out those butt muscles every few hours. Keep the java flowing. Get your iPod playlist set and crank the tunes. Put us in coach! We're ready to play...

Oh, and Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian writer buds - me included. I'll be heading to the beach for live music and fireworks this evening - but only if I get in my 1k...a beach party is a great motivator. :)

I’ll be recording my word counts for three WIP over this challenge, but my main focus is completing Second Skin (the next book in the Skinned series) so it can go off to my editor ASAP. It's sad that I'm still working on the same stories from our last challenge in November, but that's the way revision goes. Hack/slash and write some more!

SS starting word count: 34 163
LI starting word count: 37 135
WS starting word count: 6504

Tami, my friend, what say you on our kickoff of 1k-a-day?

Great start to 1k-a-day Tracy!!! I'm so excited, I woke up early this morning. I'm geared up to knock this WIP out of the ballpark! I've spent the last week and a half reading over the first draft of my WIP which I'll call Parlor for now (hate the name, but it's easy to remember). If you remember, this is the book that I worked on this past 1k-a-day and NaNoWrimo. The first half was crap, but I was really happy to find that the second half was actually decent. I will be rewriting it this time around. When times get tough and I'm stuck, I will be switching over to my other WIP, Worst Days, but my focus will be on Parlor for the most part.

I'm brewing the coffee, turning on some music and getting down to business this AM.

Good luck to everyone! Remember to post your word counts at least once within the week to be entered to win a book. Also, if you'd like to follow along with our progress throughout the day, just search the hashtag #1kaday on Twitter and feel free to post your progress. You'll see a few tweets that aren't for 1k-a-day unfortunately, but let's take that hashtag over!

Parlor starting word count: 50 498
WD starting word count: 5993


Jennifer C. said...

The main book I'm working on right now is Hiding Under the Umbrella, I just started this one last week Friday. I'm also working on Beyond New Beginnings, it's the sequel to my debut novel.

HUTU starting word count: 4451
BNB starting word count: 14 686

Happy writing everyone!

Miss Tammy said...

My current WIP tentatively titled Infinite Harmonies. I'm currently at 13,825 words. I can't wait to have that number close to 50,000 by the end of July!

Janelle said...

I cannot write more than one thing at a time, so I will be working on my current WIP. I'm almost done, but need that push to get me to the end! My working title for it is Trilunarias: Skye, so I guess that's T:S!!

T:S starting word count: 105,434

Leona said...

I'll be posting numbers tomorrow. My internet went off last night and I have a lot of make up to do!

Just as a reminder, anyone who averages 3k a day for 5 days a week will be put in drawing for romantic comedy by Christie Craig. When I get the banners up on my blog, I will post it here!

Psst - also a rumor she may pop in to say hi!

good luck everyone!

Leona said...

My blog for the kick off. I also have a link to one of Christie Craigs postings at a shared blog up. Trying to talk her into giving me choice of book to giveaway. She was gracious and prompt in providing a banner, so there is hope!

Sherry Ficklin said...

I'm working on Hindsight the 3rd book in my YA trilogy.
I'm starting at 12,066 words.

Bee said...

I'm reworking the manuscript I started at the beginning of this year, What Was Mine. Things changed along the way, so I have had to start all over again and it's like beginning from scratch.
Will post my word count next time, since I hand-write.

I really needed this. I'm so glad you took this initiative.

Leona said...

okay here goes Blood Traitors 16625. I think I have only done minor work on this since LAST YEAR'S WRITING SPREE WITH YOU LOL It's a sequel that I have now been asked to FINISH

Quest for Riverhand, almost finished at 79419 fantasy that is almost ready for lift off. yeah!

And Damian, a story that has been scrapped a couple of times, but is wanted by publisher SO HAVE TO FINISH is rolling in at 1124. Gave it a start yesterday during a 1k1hr thing on twitter.

In other news, Christie Craig, an author I discovered during my tenure in texas, and that helped me get some funnies in when I wasn't up for funnies, has written back!

She writes romantic comedy and has offered a book of choice to the winner. I think, because she has been so gracious, that I will add any one who can make it the whole month averaging 1k a day or more, to the drawing.

Traci and Tami, you guys are awesome for doing this! I have a banner on my blog for her and she will be popping in to my blog to say hi! I'm absolutely delighted she has gone the extra mile for a fan :D

So here's to writing!

Tracy Belsher said...

Hey guys - thanks for checking in! This month is gonna be one heck of a writing adventure. Good luck on the draw today. ;)

Tami Klockau said...

Good luck to all! Everyone's starting project numbers look great.

Mary Brebner said...

I'm a little late starting but I'm in! My WIP (I'm embarrassed to share the title because it's terrible so I'll hold off on that!) is only 280 words at the moment so 1k-a-day will be fantastic.

lostinbelieving said...

Okay, I'm really glad that this thing started ! I started a book idea I've had for a while. And since we have to update on how many words we have, I'm at 3,000 words right now :D That's 1 thousand more than needed so far !


alybee said...

I'm behind in posting...ooops! Okay, my WIP is currently "Untitled" will have a name someday. My first chapter is very raw and has a little more than 1,000 words on it that I have written and re-written. *Sigh* My second chapter is making no sesne and I expect that all the words that I have written on it will be trashed and I will be starting over on it.