Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dr. Who and 1k-a-day

Well, don't I feel all late to the party. I just watched the first episode of Dr. Who (series 5, I think, with Doctor Eleven) and my world was rocked. Where has this show been all my life? Tami and the other YAedgers who watch DW...I proudly join the ranks of the newly DWinated.

I'm a believer.

I'm hooked.

Damn, I have to get my hands on the DVD - tell me it's out there somewhere!

Okay, now that my fangirl gushing is over, how about that 1k-a-day challenge? Ain't that gonna be the kick in the pants we all need? ;) Tami posted a few of the YA titles she's putting up for grabs in July, and so....here's my list:

ARC (acquired at BEA) of HALO by Alexandra Adornetto

E-book ARC (acquired at BEA) of Ascendant by Diana Peterfreund

girl, HERO by Carrie Jones (hardcover)

Revealers by Amanda Marrone

Betwixt by Tara Bray Smith

And a signed copy of my book (along with some swag), Under My Skin.

Whoopa! Just 2 days to go, my friends! I hope you join us...don't just read a book this summer, WRITE one. Click on the 1k-a-day challenge rule icon on our sidebar for contest entry details.


Bee said...

Oh, WOW.
*lunges for books*

I can tell, this July is going to be a great, great month.

Anonymous said...

Oh man...drooling some, I am.

Tami Klockau said...

Wow, great books Tracy! Can I win? ;) There will be some lucky people who participate in 1k-a-day!

Now on to Dr Who. You must start with the 9th Doctor, IMO. He's not as great as David Tennent, but it will get you familiar with the Dr Who world. That's where the modern episodes starts. This is the 9th Doctor: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ninth_Doctor

Let me know when you start watching!!!!

Leona said...

ditto what Tami says regarding where to start Dr who...

And fabulous books and thanks. Um, I want a copy of your book in particular. So how do I rig it so I out all these pretenders to the throne? :D

Good choices and thanks! I will do post tomorrow or the 1st and maybe, maybe, I will have pic of my book. you guys rock.

Anonymous said...

You also must never call it "Dr Who." It's "Doctor Who." Just a tip ;) You should definitely start with the first episode of the first series of the new Who. I started with S01E01 and was hooked from that episode. But you'll really see the evolution of the Doctor and the sidekicks, not to mention some INCREDIBLE finales!! Technically though, as I'm sure you've realized, you can pick up at any first episode of any of the series and be able to enjoy! I'm so happy you're hooked now ;) Series 5 finale just aired this past Saturday in the UK so it won't be out on DVD in the US for a while, I think... but you can stream the first four seasons on Netflix!

Signed, nerdtastic reader

Tracy Belsher said...

Hey guys - glad you like the prize stack of titles. ;)

Leona - thanks so much for being such a loyal YAedger and for following the Wolfy Chicks blog as well - you ROCK!

Ah..."Doctor Who"...got it - I am unfamiliar with Who ways, but soon I shall be talking like a local.

Netflix - haven't tried that yet...am off to investigate. Starting tomorrow, July 1st, I must stay focused on 1k-a-day and not give into Who obsession. August, however, is another story.