Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1k-a-day Day 29

Tami's day 28 word count: 1,014
Tami's July word count: 16,743
Overall word count: 6,257
Cups of coffee drank: 1 Wasn't too into coffee today, but did have a new kind of double flavor Skittles! YUM!
Music: nothing
Mindset: Yesterday was the kind of day I just typed the words to hit the goal. I'm dreading reading it tomorrow, but sometimes you just have to work through days like this. I'm hoping to finish off the last few days of 1k-a-day strong!

How's the Losing It fight going, Tracy?

HA! The Losing It fight...well I won a round yesterday, managed to get in a few paragraphs. Funny how I thought LI would be the easy finish and I'd spend most of this month working on WS.

Tracy's day 28 word count: LI: 422, WS: 651
Tracy's July word count: 32 227
Overall word count: LI now: 44 727, WS now: 24 553
Cups of coffee drank: Earl Grey tea and chocolate milk - a totally weird sipping day, I must admit.
Music: Colbie Caillat's first CD, Coco. (Is it just me, or does she look like Jennifer Aniston?)
Mindset: Panicked. Well, the last few days of 1k-a-day are upon us and I'm freaking out! I still have so much to write. Ugh! The return to work is looming in the distance and I'm scrambling to get'er done.
Okay, guys - unless you want to come over and help us paint our fence (and it goes on FOREVER!), I suggest you write till you drop!

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