Monday, July 27, 2009

1k-a-day Day 27

Okay my friends, don't give up now. We are in the last stretch of 1k-a-day. We still need to give a few more books away. Since no one posted their week 3 (and please, if you did, remind me in the comments) we'll be giving away two books for week 4, as well as a book to the highest OVERALL monthly word count. This is the time to pad those numbers and put your head down and type. The end is near!

Tami's day 26 word count: 932
Tami's July word count: 14,693
Overall word count: worked more on the story ideas
Cups of coffee drank: 1 cup and then lots of iced tea and water. Man it's hot.
Music: Steve Goodman...his stuff is so fun
Mindset: I'm with Tracy. It is sooo hot. We don't have A/C either because it doesn't get too bad. Maybe a month of horrid heat, but it's not worth the cost. Anyway, I had trouble getting super creative so I went back to typing up the story ideas. It's writing I can just regurgitate and not have to worry about how pretty it is. Once I get the ideas down, then I fluff it up.

Hope it cooled down for you long enough to throw some words down on the page, Tracy! How'd you do?

It did cool off a smidge yesterday! We opened all the windows and had a wonderful breeze flowing through the house.

Tracy's day 26 word count: LI: nadda, WS: 1399
Tracy's July word count: 29 604
Overall word count: WS now: 22 352
Cups of coffee drank: Plenty
Music: My iTunes playlist - the goth/emo one. ;)
Mindset: Focused. I plotted and researched for most of the day, and settled down to write in the afternoon. I worked on and off until Trueblood. Losing It has stalled for me again, so I wrote for Witch's Shadow. Can't wait to dig into the new story you're working on, Tami!


Mary Brebner said...

Hey! I posted my week 3 total! I think I posted it last Tuesday...and I think the total was around 10k somewhere.
Keep writing!

Tami Klockau said...

WOW Mary! Send us an email (YAedge @ your address and what book you'd like. The only book off of week 2 list that isn't available is Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. The others are still up for grabs! I must have missed it since I was on vacation. Sorry about that.

Mary Brebner said...

Yahoo! And thanks for running this-it's helped me keep going with my writing this month...until this week. Revisions are kicking my boo-tay!

Sounds like you had a lovely vacation. Good to have you back.