Tuesday, July 28, 2009

1k-a-day Day 28

Hope everyone got over the fact that yesterday was Monday! Remember, any amount of words is great! Even if it's in the low 100s.

Tami's day 27 word count: 1,036
Tami's July word count: 15,729
Overall word count: 5,243 (Parlor)
Cups of coffee drank: 2
Music: I had my iPod on random. It can be fun and also annoying! LOL
Mindset: Yesterday was hard to get into the swing of things again. I stared at pics of my new puppy (which I'll share when I bring him home), read all about Corgi's, watched Youtube videos...as you can see, the new puppy is already ruling my life and I don't even own him yet! After I got over that, I forced myself to sit down and work on Parlor. I'm still struggling with 3rd person. It feels flat and lifeless, but at this point I just want to make sure I have something down on paper. I can fix it later!

How'd it go for you today, Tracy? When do you go back to work?

Awww...you're going to be such a great fur mommy. ;) I wish more dog owners would read up on their buddies and puppy training before they brought them home. WORK?! Let's not think about it, okay? lol.....I go back on August 17th. So I'll be continuing the 1k-a-day goal until then.

Tracy's day 27 word count: WS: 1550
Tracy's July word count: 31 154
Overall word count: WS now: 23 902
Cups of coffee drank: A few and one really gross lime lager in the evening. Ick. I'm a dark ale person, I don't even know why I tried it.
Music: AOL radio - the movie soundtrack station
Mindset: In denial. I can't believe how stalled I am on Losing It. I tried to write though a scene yesterday and got a whole lot of nowhere with it. Thankfully, a cool idea for Witch's Shadow saved the day. It helps that I'm watching season 2 of Supernatural on DVD. I've got paranormal on the brain. ;) While I'm happy I broke the 30k mark, really I'm no where near my original goal. I wanted to do 2k per day, 1k for each WIP. Sigh. Maybe next year.
Okay peeps.....don't stop believing! You can make your mommas (and your fellow YAedgers) proud.....just keep writing for a few more days!


lionmother said...

I'm working a WIP so it took me a very long time to get this chapter written including having to outline it. That's something I never have to do.:) But your challenge today made me write the chapter and I wrote: 2,352 words. So thank you for putting up this challenge. In total I have 41,755 words written. You did say we could use a WIP. Hope this adds to the day's total.

Tami Klockau said...

Perfect lionmother. Glad to hear that our challenge helped you get through your chapter and the great word count! Thanks for the kind words and hope you stick around the last few days of 1k-a-day! If not, we're going to do 1k-a-day all over again in November!