Saturday, July 17, 2010

1k-a-day Day 17

Day 16 word count: 1152
SS current word count: 57 106

LI current word count:
WS current word count:

Getting in my 1k was the only good thing about yesterday.

Wednesday night, we'd seen the trucks drive into town - you know the ones with giant-sized tea cups, carousel horses and mini donut signs. The summer fair was rolling into town for a handful of days. We knew we had to work a visit into our pressing summer schedule of second breakfasts and trips to the beach.

Then it rained. And rained.

Friday afternoon the sun was shining and so we made for the fair. But it wasn't at the usual parking lot (that's right, it's one of those mall parking lot fairs - only we have just one teeny mall, so it sets up in a lot beside the high school). It wasn't at any other parking lot in town.

They left us. No mini donuts, no tea cup rides. At least 1k was there for me. *sniffle*

Okay, rant over, I've come to terms their defection. Following Tami's lead, here are a few YA titles I've recently finished and highly recommend: White Cat by Holly Black, Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce, Hold Me Closer Necromancer (read an ARC of this from BEA - buy it when it's released - October 2010) and Shift by Rachel Vincent (next book in the series is also available in Oct 2010. AND so is The Crossroads Blog Tour I'm organizing. October is going to be one kickass month!).

Day 16 word count: 1,493
Parlor current word count: 19,306
WD current word count:

Yesterday was a decent day. I spent time at the pool with my sister and nieces which was nice. I was able to get in some writing beforehand. The great thing about the day was my brain worked out a few problems with my WIP. There were parts of the story and characters that were nagging at me to solve. They just didn't feel right in their current state. Don't you love when everything just clicks? I still have a lot of work to do (and a lot more rewriting because of it) but overall I think the story will be better because of it.

I thought I'd share a few books I've enjoyed lately. I've been trying to get through a bunch of books on my TBR list. The list just keeps on growing and I was unable to read a lot the first half of the year. Now that I'm off work, I hope to fix that! Of course, I mentioned Graceling in yesterday's giveaway post. I loved it so much that I am about to start the sequel, Fire. I also finished The Iron King this week. It seems I'm on a fantasy kick! I was unsure about The Iron King at first, but once I got into it, I loved it. It's a fun summer read and would recommend both book highly.

Any books (YA or other) that you'd like to recommend?

I'll announce the winner of the week 3 giveaway shortly! Good luck everyone!


lostinbelieving said...

I guess it's too late to enter for the contest, but that's okay ! ^_^ My weekly word post is 3246! I guess starting over has been slow, but I like it better than what I had before!


Leona said...

I don't remember my word count now! LOL but I did do a synopsis that was about 1k (I think) and some work on editing on other projects. I finished my fantasy woot woot! The edits, etc are fantastic. Now to make the synopsis sound as good :(

Anyways! I am now editing/finishing thriller and working my paranormal story into something marketable, and fun to read.

I will see if I can make some swag for you. Maybe a crochet bookmark? I make some fun ones. What do you think. I can probably handle one or two as they work up quickly. I can usually do one and watch a movie at same time :)

Tami Klockau said...

Man, sorry about the fair, Tracy! Those donuts are awesome! Also, I must say I can't wait for the Crossroads! Awesome name and awesome idea. (Wow, could I use the word awesome anymore than I have?)

Great job lostinbelieving! Though you were a little late, don't worry. I plan to give away a few books this coming week.

Leona, that would be awesome! Thanks so much for offering. :) Also, we know your word count kicks everyone else's ass, so no need to post. ;)