Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1k-a-day Day 14

Day 13 word count: 2300
SS current word count: 52 374

LI current word count:
WS current word count:

Ah, yesterday I was back in the thick of 1k-a-day and focused on SS. Lovely. I also purchased a computer game to use as motivation. I can't crack that baby open until our writing challenge is complete. I've been eyeing this game forever. I'm pretty cheap and only play games once - so I wait until they're practically being given away.

Now, I'm not a first person shooter type gamer and I don't play turn-based military strategy games like my history loving husband. Nope. I luvs me a hidden clue / puzzle / fantasy (usually paranormal) based game. And Sleepy Hollow: Mystery Legends looks like a good fit.

I usually crack open such a game - one every summer. Then I don't stop until I have completed it. Seriously. I'll binge play for 24 hours if I have to, but I get the thing finished. Okay, yes, I find walkthroughs online, maybe I print out a few pages. Maybe I start by sneaking quick looks at the hints and within about 10 hours I'm following the pages word for word. Not very sportsmanlike, but that's how I roll when it comes to 'puter

Anyway, my point is...if you're struggling with 1k, try focusing on a reward at the end of the month. A celebration of all your hard work. Go you!

Day 13 word count: 1,155
Parlor current word count: 15,387
WD current word count:

Sounds super fun, Tracy! I love puzzle games myself, and the DS is my favorite console despite owning all of them. I'm not a huge PC gamer, but I do like the simple little games on my iPhone as well. As Tracy said, motivation is a great way to get in your 1,000 each day. I've used many things, crocheting, reading and swimming are my big ones. Like today, I'm up early and ready to write because I want to be able to go swimming before all the kids hit the pool.

Speaking of motivation, I will give a book away, an ARC of Crazy Beautiful to one random person who comments in today's post. All you have to do is tell us how you're doing with 1k-a-day and your motivation to get your words done each day. How's that for staying positive and motivated! Good luck!


Leona said...

LOL I missed the blog yesterday :D I would love an arc copy. Had seperate emergencies yesterday, not quit as serious as Monday's horribly crazy day. I mentioned you in my blog yesterday. Does that count? ;;)

Anyways, between trying to make up for Monday's loss, huge cut down the center of my middle finger, and the rest of stuff going on, I never got to read all the first read blogs (btw I go alphabetical, sometimes A-z sometime z-a. I used to miss you guys all the time cuz I'd run out of time, so I change it up)

I did get the 1k in. I'm struggling with the 3k cuz of all the stinking emergencies that keep popping up, but I'm making it through!

Point is, everyone write! :D

Mary Brebner said...

Up to 11,027 words! Yay! It's not 1k a day but, including the days I didn't get any words on the page at all, I'm thinking that's pretty darn good.

Back to writing--good luck with yours!

Sarah Olutola said...

I've got so much to do this next few days but I think once the weekend is done I'm going to be able to dive into my wip with a clear focus. so excited!