Thursday, July 16, 2009

1k-a-day Week 2 Winners!

We're ready to announce the winners of week 2!

The top word count for week 2 goes to: karinlibrarian with a whopping 13 870! Whoot!

AND, because you all were awesome, the second free book of the week goes to: Lori with 7221 for her week 2 count.

As a reminder, here are the great books to choose from this week.

If both of you could email us at: YAedge at (w/o the spaces and replace the at w/ @) with your name, address and your book choice, Tami will send out your prizes when she returns from vacation. If you both request the same book, it will go to first come, first serve.

Congrats! Remember, keep track of your word counts for week 3 to win free books! There will be books added to the list for the new week, so check back soon!

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