Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1k-a-day Day 15

Tami's day 14 word count: 1,007
Tami's week 2 word count: 7,557
Tami's July word count: 14,075
Overall word count: 3,988 (on Parlor)
Cups of coffee drank: 1 and a cup of hot chocolate :)
Music: I listened to IZ, a Hawaiian singer
Mindset: Today was tough again. I had a bit of work to do at my day job and when I got home all I wanted to do was rest and sleep. I only slept a few hours the night before and was seriously dragging. The bug bites on my feet are getting worse and it looks like I've earned a trip to the doctor tomorrow. :( These things always happen to me right before vacation.

How'd you fair, Tracy?


Good luck with the feet, Tami. (I've got all those bug bite urban legends running through my mind...let us know if you're going to be a baby spider mommy...ewww...sorry, couldn't
Tracy's day 14 word count: LI: 527, WS: nadda
Tracy's week 2 word count:
LI: 3226, WS: 3126 - total: 6352
Tracy's July word count: 19 196
Overall word count: LI: 38 963
Cups of coffee drank: Zippo. I stuck with water and lemon wedges yesterday for some reason.
Music: I had a few horror movies playing in the background while I wrote - so maybe....screams? Ick. lol....
Mindset: Yesterday was a plotting day for me. I've worked my characters into a corner in Losing It and had to figure a way out for them. I ended up writing down key scenes I have left to write and shuffling the order until I found a path that is logical and yet quirky enough to be true to the characters and the story. Here's what I ended up with, an organized mess of ideas glued onto coloured paper and posted on the bulletin board that hangs beside my desk:
Does anyone else do this kind of visual organization when they're plotting? Or is it just me? :0 I've been very focused on Losing It, since it's so close to being done. I might have to put Witch's Shadow on hold for a bit.

Okay, guys - let's stun the word count gods today and write an insane amount!


Tami Klockau said...

LOL, sadly, one of them LOOKS like it could give birth to spider babies. Things like this don't usually bother me but WOW. I've never had bug bites like this. Insane.

Glad to hear you got your characters out of the corner in Losing It. Can't wait to read the rest of it!

karinlibrarian said...

Well, not off to a great start this week. I'll be lucky to have a little over a thousand words today. Anyway, I'm hoping I have a good Week 3, but I'm leaving Friday to see my Grandma so who knows how much I'll be able to write.

Lori A. May said...

Well... we knew it would happen eventually. Ha. I just have so much on the go and I'm up to my ears with my to-do list, so...

Day 15 word count: zero.

Ha! But, maybe that's a good thing. Next time I get back to my wip, I'll be super eager to pick up where I left off. Isn't there some saying... 'distance makes the wip grow longer?' =)

Happy writing all!!!

Lori A. May

Leona said...

Have I mentioned my biggest paranoid phobia is arachnophobia (sp?) I have nightmares, recurring nightmares, about spiders. Started when I was a kid and rolled into a full blown phobia. (I used to be major tom boy so I had no problem with bugs then!) Before Gremlins came out, I had nightmares of spider/human things and they scared me to death. Seeing them as gremlin/spiders was horrible after that. I believe it's where my fear started. An irrational, full blown, only can overcome it for my kids, fear. (I still have issues.)
Anyone NOT see the Harry Potter with huge spiders?

We took my kids to that with their friends... Instead of sitting as far away as I'd let them, they sat directly in front of me two rows down. They knew what was coming. When I shrieked at Aragon,they laughed hysterically. OMG I will never forget it. They told me afterward they sat close cuz they wanted to watch. I've been teased about it ever since...

Please don't give birth to baby spiders... Please, please, please....

Tracy Belsher said...

Lol....Leona, that's too funny. I'm sure Tami's feet won't sprout an additional 8 legs. ;) I also have a totally irrational fear of bees and wasps. I'm not allergic to their stings, it's just the sound of them that freaks me out.

I do wild dances in our backyard when I'm out neighbours must think I'm a total spaz.

When I mow our lawn though, I'm totally fine, I wear these amazing sound blocking earphone thingies and don't even flinch when they fly by.