Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1k-a-day Day 14

This is it! The last day of week 2. Hang in there folks. A lot of you have gone quiet. I hope you're still out there and remember to post your week 2 word counts by tomorrow, July 15. The top 2 word counts will get books again this week! Even if you've had some low word counts, at least enter, you never know! Don't forget, week two is from July 8 through today, July 14. All words written in that time will count.

Tami's day 13 word count:
0 ::sigh::
Tami's July word count: 13,068
Overall word count: 2,981 on Parlor
Cups of coffee drank: 1
Music: John Mayer
Mindset: Today was an odd day for me. I woke up with four...count them FOUR bug bites on my feet. Now, not your average bug bite, but 3 the size of dimes (on the same foot no less) and the other is on the top bone of my right foot and is HUGE. It is about the size of a golf ball. No joke. I had to wear those cheap $5 flip flops that I wear to the beach. You know those? So yeah, that's how my day STARTED and it went downhill from there. Without getting into more detail, that's why my word count sat at zero. I actually wrote a little but it wasn't worth counting (about 150 words). Tomorrow will be better because tomorrow is the start of WEEK 3!

Hope your day was better than mine, Tracy. How'd it go in your neck of the woods?


Well, I didn't have any nasty bug bites. Yikes! But I did have a blast chatting with teens online via http://www.teenrc.ca/ a site devoted to keeping teens reading in the summer and talking up their favourite books, doing reviews, posting their own writing, etc. I was there as my pen name, Judith Graves. We discussed YA paranormal fiction, the merits (or de-merits) of Twilight on the genre, playing music, being in bands, poetry, songwriting, pets, horror movies - you name it. I loved it and hope to return again next summer and hopefully some of them will have read my book. ;)

Tracy's day 13 word count: LI: 652, WS: 274
Tracy's July word count: 18 669
Overall word count: LI now: 38 436, WS now: 16 274
Cups of coffee drank: Many.
Music:I had my "jogging" playlist on iTunes going for most of the day. It's a collection of faster tunes that charge me up when I'm on the treadmill. For some reason if I'm listening to fast music, I type faster. ;)
Mindset: Distracted. I wrote early in the day and was worrying my internet connection would die on me before the author chat (it had died the day before for a few hours of random stress). I didn't meet my goal, but I managed to stay focused long enough to get some ideas down and that's the main thing.

I did read a fantastic, heartstring-tugging book though: You, maybe by Rachel Vail. Wow - it totally reminded me why highschool crushes sucked the big one.

So, let's purge ourselves of those stories, 1k-a-day-ers! Get the words out, get them down - get writing!


Selestial said...

I have to admit, I fell off the horse a while ago. Impending "vacation" and children are taking all my energy, creative or otherwise. Maybe I'll get massive wordage on the drives, but as of right now, I seriously doubt I'll hit anywhere close to 30k for the month :(

Tami Klockau said...

Don't worry Selestial. It's not about 30k. It's about trying to write when you can. If you can't write for a few days, don't feel guilty. There's always two more weeks left in 1k-a-day! I hope you get a chance to join in next week or week 4! There will still be plenty of books to win!

Mary Brebner said...

It's been a rollercoaster of a week! My word counts were all over the place:
7/8 = 838 wds
7/9 = 0 wds
7/10 = 1572 wds
7/11 = -44 wds (lots of editing!)
7/12 = 0 wds
7/13 = 2932 wds (woot!)
7/14 = 307 wds
TOTAL= 5605 wds for week 2

Holy cow, it was hard to stay motivated this week! Here's to hoping I get into a stronger rhythm next week. :)

Lori A. May said...

I'm glad to see Selestial and Mary! Every bit counts, ladies.

Tracy & Tami, I don't think I said this before but thank you for hosting this challenge. I'm really enjoying the motivation and seeing what everyone is doing to keep going.

Okay, here's my info:

Day 14 word count = 1,051
Total July word count = 15,518

Total Week Two = 7,221

Gearing up for Week Three....

Lori A. May

Tracy Belsher said...

I agree - this isn't about hitting the 30k mark, it's about getting in more writing than usual and setting aside whatever time you can to jot down a few words.

The goal is to increase your word count - period. Every day, every week this month is a chance to do that, but don't stress if you skip a few days.

The best ideas come to me when I'm not sitting at my laptop. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hope I'm not too late to post Week 2 totals.
7/8 = 3,099
7/9 = 3,051
7/10 = 3,432
7/11 = 3,614
7/12 = 402
7/13 = 771
7/14 = 3,115
Total for Week 2 = 13,870 words