Thursday, July 16, 2009

1k-a-day Day 16

Tami's day 15 word count: 545
Tami's July word count: 14,620
Overall word count:4,801 (I worked on my newer WIP Worst Days)
Cups of coffee drank: 2
Music: Jakob Dylan (love his solo album)
Mindset: Frazzled. I'm leaving to go out of town tomorrow and I had to get as many words in as I could. 545 isn't 1k, but it is something. Tonight I have to pack, do laundry and get the cats ready to be alone. Not fun, but I can't wait to be on vacation! Though I will be gone, I will be writing and hopefully updating my word count daily...even if I have to do it from my husband's iphone! We'll see what happens.

How'd it go today, Tracy? Thanks for showing us your plot board and taking care of the blog by yourself while I'm gone!!

No worries, Tami. Have a fantastic vacation - but still write! ;)

Tracy's day 15 word count: LI: 909, WS: 165
Tracy's July word count: 20 270
Overall word count: LI now: 39 872, WS now: 16 439
Cups of coffee drank: 4 and none of them were great (I ran out of my toffee caramel creamer), so I went out for coffee around mid-day
Music: A friend of mine inspired me to wander back to my "heavy metal" days. Which is laughable, really. When I listen to those bands now, I'm like - I thought this was badass music? Damn, it's pop music! I'm talking Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Van Halen - I'm dating myself, eh? lol...
Mindset: Steadfast. This is it - I'm in the home stretch with Losing It and I'm riding an adrenaline rush. If only I could decide - do I kill the dog off - just have her injured....or does she run away, her fate unknown....hmmmm.....

Remember to save those documents. Do backups of backups. You're cranking out the numbers, we don't want to lose this stuff!


Leona said...

Okay, I'm finished with dress rehearsals now. I went to check my word counts and realized I'd ffutsed up somewhere, as I've written everyday, but was missing a day. Here are the correct numbers. (as close as I can remeber!)

July 13, 2009
WOF: 39,559, BT: 16,234,
WOF: 40,213, BT: 16,234
July 14, 2009
WOF: 40,213, BT: 16,234
WOF: 40,955, BT: 16,234
July 15, 2009
WOF: 40,955 BT: 16,234
WOF:42, 016 BT:16,234

We are moving to TEXAS! WE just decided on Monday when talking about options etc.

My husbands job didn't go where it was supposed to (he works in live theatre) and he was jsut laid off for basically three months with only a day or two here and there. That's after two and a half months of part time work.

We have five kids! It isn't working for me. I have a friend in San Antonio and San Antonio happens to have some fabulous theatres, not to mention their art and writing communities!

So we are taking the plunge and moving to San Antonio! We are leaving the 31st. I'm making a good faith effort on my writing. At this point, I feel consistency is more important than numbers. If I can manage to write every day, I will feel as if I accomplished something. It's one of the reasons I was distressed when I mixed up my numbers. I knew I had a good day yesterday, and a less then stellar day the day before, but according to what was on comp I'd written nothing yesterday!

Anyhow, Here are the last three days. My week two total is
6,113 + 84 = 6,197 **sigh** so close.

For JULY through week two total is
11,470 + 3,147 + 150 = 14,667.

Lori A. May said...

Day 16.... zero!

I'm just here to cheer everyone on. I am electing to take a couple of no-novel-writing days as I am crazy busy with some non-fiction, book launch promotional planning, and plans for another couple of events. So, I can only stay up so late... and get up so early!

Best of luck to all for the rest of the week. I'll check in daily and will post if I have any word counts to report.

p.s. Leona, you're doing great!

Lori A. May