Friday, July 24, 2009

1k-a-day Day 24

Tami's day 23 word count: 0
Tami's July word count: 11,700
Overall word count:
Cups of coffee drank: 2 with Oreo cookies...mmmm. If you've never dunked a Oreo into a warm cup of coffee, it's a must.
Music: nothing
Mindset: Didn't get a chance to write today. I still have the night (it's 6:30) but am still exhausted from the trip. Busy day at work, but it didn't help the day go by quickly unfortunately!

How did your day go, Tracy? I envy your day yesterday. I love going to a coffee shop, enjoying a warm cup and cookies while writing. Can't get any better than that!


Tracy's day 23 word count: Big goose egg
Tracy's July word count:
Overall word count:
Cups of coffee drank: Not enough!
Music: Dogs barking and snorting.
Mindset: Frazzled. Well, it was a zero day for writing. I'm puppysitting a boxer this week and now have three huge beasts wandering the house. The door bell rang and I was fielding the dogs and got my hand caught in Willow's collar. I kind of sprained a finger. There was pain. There was swelling. I managed to get my wedding ring off before it cut off my circulation. After that I just kind of hung out with the dogs and moped. lol...oh well, I still can't get my ring on (the knuckle is too puffy), but at least the aching throb has stopped. I'll try to write in my notebook today and not worry about typing too much.

Let's hope our 1k-a-dayers faired better than we did!

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Tami Klockau said...

Oh no, Tracy! I hope your finger gets better. Maybe you should put it in a splint! I'm sure it's a madhouse at your place right now. 3 dogs and a cat! WOW! Here's to hoping we both have better writing days.