Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1k-a-day Day 22

I hope everyone had a great week 3, but we are now on to week 4! We can see the home stretch and don't stop now! There are a few people still playing along and a ton of books left to win. Speaking of which, don't forget to post your week 3 word count in today's post by tomorrow (7/23) night. I will post the winner on the 24th!

Also, to karinlibrarian, don't forget to send us an email at YAedge @ (without the spaces) to let us know what book you'd like from your week 2 win!

Tami's day 21 word count:
Tami's July word count: I've lost count but will figure this out tomorrow hopefully!
Overall word count: 541 (Just a short story that I came up with at the airport)
Cups of coffee drank: 1 REALLY REALLY bad cup of plane coffee
Music: nothing actually. The sound of an airplane?
Mindset: I can't explain to you how much I needed that vacation...but I'm back and ready to jump back into this. I didn't get to write a lot, and unfortunately didn't have wifi/internet access on the trip except for my husband's iphone (when it was working). I learned many things about myself and writing on this trip and one of them is it's hard to write when on vacation visiting your in-laws.

It's great to be back, Tracy. Thanks for holding down the fort. How'd it go in your neck of the woods on the last day of week 3?

I agree that it's liberating to unplug, but I can only do so if I'm forced to. The first few days are too But when life happens and I have to take a break, I feel like I did when I first quit smoking (15 years ago) and food began to taste and smell fantastic - when I'm unplugged, the sun seems brighter, the world more interesting, my mind gets clearer and then - wammo - I get an idea for a story and have to get to the nearest computer to share the plot with my crit partners. ;)

Tracy's day 21 word count: WS: 1424 LI: nadda
Tracy's July word count: 24 784
Overall word count: WS now: 20 953
Cups of coffee drank: 1 pot
Music: It was punk day at my place: The Ramones, The Clash, The Pixies, The Velvet Underground (I'm Sticking With You really, how can you not love that tune?)
Mindset: A little lost. Yesterday wasn't a great writing day. I plotted for both projects, debated on scraping them both and starting fresh. Then I went to see Harry Potter and came back all inspired. I decided to focus on WS, but I had no flow and wrote bits and pieces of scenes out of order and couldn't figure out the best spot to work them in. Ugh! Here's to a smoother day 23.

It's lovely to have Tami back with us!


Leona said...

Hey you all! Glad you're back too!
I haven't written since Friday, as my weekend and last couple of days have sucked. I finally got time to write monday night and spent 45 minutes staring at the screen! I'm still hanging in there, thinking of story lines and trying to figure out what's supposed to happen next.

My friend and I are writing a script for a horror film and are flinging ideas around. Maybe I'll get rif of my writers block today :))

Tracy Belsher said...

Leona - a horror movie script? My, that sounds like fun. ;) Keep plugging away at those stories! You'll have a breakthrough moment soon, I know it.