Friday, November 7, 2008

1k-a-day Day 7

Okay everyone! Today is the big day. Don't forget to post your weekly word count by 11:59PM PST TONIGHT to be entered into this week's free books contest. We'll be giving a book to the top TWO word counts this week because YOU GUYS ROCK. Here are the books up for grabs this week. Winners get to choose!

Have a great day everyone! I look forward to seeing the amazing counts for week 1!

Tami's day 6 word count:
Tami's November word count: 6,176
Overall word count: 30,868
Cups of coffee drank: Okay, I've decided to change this since most of the Halloween candy is gone. BOOOOoo! I drank 2 cups of coffee and had chocolate covered coffee beans for dessert tonight. Do those count?
Music: Death Cab For Cutie...can never go wrong with these guys.
Mindset: I was pretty busy at work today and had plans tonight. Not a good mix. I also write my blog posts for Fridays on Thursdays (if only those words counted toward my goal!) So, enough with excuses. I'm ashamed I didn't do better today.
Tami's day 7 word count: will post my word count later
Tami's Week 1 word count: will post my weekly word count tonight!

Okay Tracy! How did you do yesterday?


Well, we were both in a slump yesterday - but at least you met the goal, Tami. I didn't quite make it. Have fun this weekend, but try to write, too! This daylight savings thing makes me sleepy at 7pm. I hate it. Maybe I'll have to start fak'n'baking to get some sun in my life.

Tracy's Day 6 WC: 804
Tracy's overall WC: 5640

Mindset: This morning I've been writing since 5am and hopefully I'll sneak in some coherent words when I get home tonight. The weekend is mine to write, write, write and so I hope to get close to 2000k on Saturday and Sunday.

Tracy's Day 7 WC: 445


Kristin B said...

I'm pretty sure that this is supposed to be since Nov. 1? If that's the case my word count for the week is...


Number of nervous breakdowns:


Doing fairly well on both fronts, I guess.

Tami Klockau said...

Yep, from November 1st to today.

L A said...


Day 7 word count: 1080
Total word count: 12,025


Denise Jaden said...

Today's total (between both books): 4093

This week's grand total: 29,728

I know I should keep writing and make it an even 30k, but I just can't do it. Not tonight.

Thanks so much for putting on this contest. It's totally helped me keep my motivation!

Chick Lit Gurrl said...

OK, kinda sad...didn't break the 20k, but today was a tiring day. So much so, I know I'm sleeping IN, and I'm not sure I'll want to wake up tomorrow!

Starting word count: 0
Today's word count: 2,606
Overall word count: 19,072

Tracy Belsher said...

WOW those totals are insane! Congrats on a productive first week. :)