Thursday, November 6, 2008

1k-a-day Day 6

Ahh, hump day. Why are you so cruel? Hump day (Wednesday and day 5) was an odd one for me. I couldn't get into the groove. Couldn't find the creative energy. How do you find the creative energy when it just isn't there? I sit at work (surrounded by creative people in a creative environment/industry) and can't seem to feel the spark. Do you know what I'm talking about? It's almost like the a-ha moment!

Anyway, I hope all of you faired better than I did!

Tami's day 5 word count:
Tami's November word count: 5,162
Overall word count: 29,854
Pieces of Halloween candy eaten: Only 2! WOOT for me! Must...start...running!
Music: Vampire Weekend again (maybe I need to listen to something different tomorrow. They're just so catchy I find myself singing along instead of writing).
Mindset: I felt like I would write a lot today, but when it actually came down to putting fingers to keyboard, I just couldn't get it done. I'm in an odd part of my WIP, which I'm sure doesn't help. My characters are tredging lightly into a new relationship. I think the he said/she said format is getting to me and I just need to let the words flow. I felt like I was on such a roll for chapter 7 & 8 and now I've hit a bumpy patch. I'll work my way through it, it's just frustrating right now.
Tami's day 6 word count: 1,014

Later today I'll be posting the first group of books that can be won this week! Check back throughout the day for the list. It includes some great new and old YA titles. I'll also be posting a non 1k-a-day post tomorrow, so be on the look out!

Okay Tracy! How was hump day for you?


Well, hump day wasn't awful - but I did have to lock myself in my office (and the real world out) to get my 1k done. But I did! And I wrote lots of notes for today's 1k. I don't know how many times I've plotted and re-plotted, jotting pages of notes and then used only a smidge of the ideas. Thank God for coil notebooks. And trees. And recyled paper.

Tracy's Day 5 WC: 1021
Tracy's overall WC: 4836

Mindset: I am super keen to write today - inspired by the release of an author blog created by my publisher - and dreaming of seeing my book promo'd on it one day. Here's the link: Tami, I feel your pain. When I get stuck on a chapter, or scene - I try to remember....hard writing makes for easy reading. Good luck today to all the 1k-a-day-ers and Nano participants!

Tracy's Day 6 WC: only 804 words today :(


Tracy Belsher said...

Well, I hope others met the goal today - I'm a bit shy of 1k, but am planning to write like a fiend tomorrow morning.

Am going out for suds and giggles tomorrow and not sure how much writing I'll get done in the evening...gotta love Fridays at the local watering hole.

LA said...

Very proud of the accomplishment of hitting the 10,000 mark today. Even though I have done that in my other WIP...I have never done it in 6 days and felt so good about it. This has been a great experience so far.

After 2 hours of dress rehearsal tonight (my play opens tomorrow), and watching Kath & Kim on the DVR, here are my stats for today:

Start of November: 0 words
Day 6 Word Count: 1,458 words
Total Word Count: 10,945 words (woohoo!!!)

Hope everyone else is kicking butt! And good luck to whomever wins the book(s) tomorrow. :)

Jenny Beans said...

I had really wanted to try to hit the 10K mark today, but procrastination and many fun things to do held me back. I did manage to achieve 2537 words today, bringing my overall total to 8560.

Denise Jaden said...

WIP - 1177 today (total 34532)
New - 2005 today (total 12104)

3182 grand total today

Total for the week so far: 25,635... Holy cow! Seriously, I had no idea until I added it up just now!

I'd celebrate, but I'm exhausted.

Chick Lit Gurrl said...

I really didn't think I would get anything done tonight, but I managed to get my writing in just before midnight. Had to focus and get all my grading done first!

Starting Word Count: 0
Day 6 Word Count: 2,067
Total Word Count: 16,465

Oh, and Denise, you are a Word Rock Star!