Tuesday, November 4, 2008

1k-a-day Day 4

I don't usually talk politics, but before we get down to business I wanted to ask all Americans to get out and vote today! It's a right we have here and we need to take full advantage of that right!

::climbs down off soapbox:::

Now onto our regularly scheduled program. Day 3 was harder than days 1 and 2. But how much hard is what you have to ask yourself. The good news is, day 4 should feel a lot like day 3. A routine can be started at this point, understanding the balancing act. Letting it work for you, not against you is the key.

Tami's day 3 word count: 1,032
Tami's November word count: 4,100
Overall word count: 28,792
Pieces of Halloween candy eaten: Waayyy to many. Stupid co-workers bringing leftovers to work! They're all to blame. ;)
Music: Vampire Weekend and Jakob Dylan
Mindset: I felt like I would have a ton of time today at work to start my 1k. Usually my days are slow. Of course today was just busy enough to keep me from writing. A Microsoft Word scare happened (I haven't gone through a November without one in the last 4 years), but all is okay! My word count wasn't great today, but I'm happy for each of those words.
Tami's day 4 word count: 0

Okay Tracy! How did work and 1k-a-day mix for you?
Good luck to everyone on Day 4! Remember, vote...vote...vote!


How did is work for me? Oh, girl, it was tough. Especially making supper. I'm feeling some takeout coming on next week.

Tracy's Day 3 WC: 1206
Overall WC: 3493
Mindset: hurried and blurried and writing this post from work...bad, I know. Hopefully I'll bust through the 1300s today when I get home and hide away in my office. :) I'm newly inspired as my hubbie bought me some models from the movie, Dracula - and yes, I took them out of the box.

Tracy's Day 4 WC: 1343 words today. So long 1200s!

Congrats to everyone hanging in there!


Denise Jaden said...

WIP - 1985 today (29016 total)
New - 2018 today (7230 total)

Grand total today: 4003 words!

My husband hid the halloween candy on me :(

Tracy Belsher said...

Well - I must say, I've finally made it out of the 1200s. I made a few notes for tomorrow's start, but I think I can safely call it a night. Whoohoo!

How's everyone else surviving??

Tracy Belsher said...

Denise - you're an inspiration! I think the candy is in that weird little drawer at the bottom of the stove - did ya check there?? :)

Denise Jaden said...

Ha! Found it... at the top of a bookshelf. I think I write better on candy!

I added another 1000 words tonight, but I'll add it to tomorrow's total.

Jenny Beans said...

I'm happy with my progress for today. I wrote exactly 2000 words today, bringing my grand total up to 6023.

Tami Klockau said...

HA! Denise, you crack me up! Good job finding the candy. :)

Unfortunately, I was so hooked on the election and the hockey game, I didn't even get enough words to report them. I'm going to go with a big FAT ZERO tonight. :( You are all better than me.

Chick Lit Gurrl said...

Wrote NOTHING today; the whole election event kept me from being creative...

Still at 12,008 words. Plan to double up tomorrow.

LA said...

Ok...interesting day...had play practice, drama with my teenager and election results:

Start: 0
Day 4 word count: 1,229
Total word count: 8,362


Tracy Belsher said...

Hey guys - it really bites that I go to bed so early and miss all your posts until 5am the next morning. But I love reading about your progress....we are amazing, prolific and profound writers...yup, I can feel it. Or that might be the cookies I’m eating for breakfast. After this challenge it’s all treadmill, all the time. :)