Wednesday, November 12, 2008

1k-a-day Day 12

Okay everyone, hump day once again. The week is flying by and I need to play some catch up. I hope everything is going well in week 2 for you!

Tami's Day 11 WC: 1,015
Tami's overall WC for 1k-a-day: 8,380
Tami's overall ms WC: 33,072
Music: Eels once again. I got an album I didn't have this past weekend. Woohoo!
Mindset: Not bad. I started and finished my word count for yesterday at work. I was VERY happy with that, even though I barely got over the 1k wall. I'm figuring out my characters once again as they change throughout the story. They're growing and maturing...I just need to grow and mature with them.
Tami's Day 12 WC: Will post soon!

How'd your day go, Trace?


Feels so weird to be hump day - we had Monday and Tuesday off school. So really, this is my Monday. No wonder it's been easier to get my 1k in. Anywho....managed to do okay yesterday on the writing front. Watched Hellboy 2, however, and was disapointed. Why all the LorR characters? Why all the special effects and a generic plot? Sigh. The first one was a blast though.

Tracy's Day 11 WC: 1332
Tracy's Overall WC: 12, 314

Mindset: Bring on the students. Bring on the books to shelve. Bringing laptop so I can write at lunch - I think one of our other 1k-a-day participants does this as well - I can get so much done if I hide out in an empty office. :)

Tracy's Day 12 WC: 1195


Tracy Belsher said...

Getting some much needed early shut eye today - but managed to write at lunch and made my 1k.

I actually feel like I might get this edit done by the end of the month.

This challenge has been so worth it. :)

Denise Jaden said...

Well, I only got 1020 words today, but I have a good excuse...

I received "THE CALL" and was offered representation on the novel I've been querying! That took up most of my writing time today and I'm not too disappointed about that fact!

L A said...

Day 12 word count: 1365
Total word count: 20,411

I wrote all of that in 45 minutes on my lunch break. Decided to spend some time with the family tonight and NO writing! :)

Tracy Belsher said...

Denise!!! Wowza!! Congrats on the news. I can't believe you wrote at all - shows how dedicated you are.

We'll be buying your book soon, I'm sure. :)

Enjoy the ride.

Tracy Belsher said...

l a - if I could write that much in 45...sigh....