Thursday, July 2, 2009

1k-a-day Day 2

I hope everyone had a great first day! The first week is the easiest as the excitement is contagious. Get as many words as you can down during this time. Good luck on day 2!

Tami's day 1 word count:
107 words on Lost and Found, 950 on Parlor= 1,058
Tami's July word count: 1,058
Overall word count: 1,908 (for Parlor. Won't really track Lost and Found for overall since I'm almost done with revisions).
Cups of coffee drank: 2
Music: Death Cab and also watched the NHL free agent tracking.
Mindset: Today was a little tough for me. I had 50 pages to flip through of Lost and Found with my husband's notes (luckily nothing serious) and was distracted by NHL free agency today. Beyond that, I hadn't touched Parlor, my new WIP, for quite some time. I have a bit of catching up to do in terms of getting the story back in my head. Alas, I hit my goal...but it was a struggle the whole way.

How'd you do on Canada Day, Tracy?


Tracy's day 1 word count: 1039 words for Losing It, 2323 for Witch's Shadow
Tracy's July word count: 3362
Overall word count: LI now at: 32 115, WS now at: 8314
Cups of coffee drank: 2 pots! (although a few cups went cold - and those were the best ones, too.)
Music: Found this cool free internet radio station: I bounced around from alternative '00s to alternative '90s - discovered some new bands (well, new to me).
Mindset: July 1st, despite being Canada Day, was very productive - up until about 6pm - then it was all beach and beer and watching the fireworks from our front step. But I was thrilled with my word count - it was a great way to start the challenge. And I KNOW I probably won't hit those numbers

Day 2 begins, and from the numbers people posted last night, we're all keen - let's see if we can keep our energy up all month! Go us!


Selestial said...

I wrote 1241 on Partly Human yesterday. Planning to hit a better goal today. (Hopefully the girl and the husband will cooperate)

Summer said...

Yay! You both had very productive days. Good job.

Kitty Keswick said...

Okay, I missed July 1st...but I wrote 1011 words today in R.O.F. I knew I wasn't going to write any on the first, so I did 3000 words a few days before. I'm hoping to get 50K done this month. I'm shooting big! Finger crossed.
I so need this kick in the pants...nothing like having the Internet to keep me honest and posting everyday.

Anonymous said...

I wrote 2000 words today. WOW! I hope I can keep up the pace tomorrow too.

universalchampion said...

phew! i switched it up today and tinkered with a short story that i've been working on. word count = 1728. have tmrw off, and seeing as the rain is canceling any and all beach plans, i hope to park it in a coffeeshop and bang out even more. cheers, c

HeatherMarie said...

*sigh* Hit a rough stop today. Without going into too much detail I'll just say that I found out yesterday that my Mom's going to need surgery soon. All should be well, but yeah, it's a distraction.

Today I only wrote 207 new words for a total of 1292 on Rasa's Story.

Tracy Belsher said...

Doing fine, my young 1k-a-dayers, the words will come, they will (damn, but I'm doing Yoda!).

Good luck tomorrow!

Lori A. May said...

Ooops! I almost forgot to share.

Today's word count: 1,002

Total: 3,010

Good luck to all.

(((Hugs))) to HeatherMarie!

Awkward Librarian said...

Today I started with 4617 words.
I ended with 5669.
Total addition is 1052. Since this came a lot from tweaking and revision of the first few scenes for my critique group meeting this doesn't actually reflect the total change in words, but whatever!

Leona said...

Better today than yesterday. Winds of Fire came in at 32,029 for an additional 1347 words, Blood Traitors is at 14,294 for an additional 1216 words. Grand total for today is 2563