Monday, June 29, 2009

Flash Fiction - Flash Contest

Are you up for a bit of flash fiction? In light of our July 1k-a-day challenge, I thought I’d get us all ready for the big show with a warm-up exercise. Here’s a one word story prompt to spark a 100 word “story”, remember to work in setting, character, plot and conflict. This is flash fiction at its finest.

You can use the word directly in your story, or use it as a theme, or launching point for your conflict. As long as the word sparks the story – you’re in the game. Post your entry in a comment by Wednesday, July 1st.

The prize? First place will get a gently used copy of Melissa Marr’s “Ink Exchange”. [Tami met the awesome Marr recently, perhaps she'll share the details.]

Since this contest is just to get those writerly muscles twitching - we won't be judging really, we'll put everyone's entry into a draw. So feel free to participate - it's fun, it will get you pumped for 1k-a-day, and you might win a great book!

Don't forget the deadline for entries is July 1st.

Here’s your prompt: LEAVING

Now get writing those stellar 100 words!


Tracy Belsher said...

Okay - I had to post my 100 words as a sample:

Tracy's LEAVING:

Gordy White and his younger brother, Jonas, sat on the front porch in the baking sun, watching the movers load up the Carbunkles belongings.

“That’s seven,” Gordy said around a mouthful of Cherrios topped with shredded femur, “seven families have moved outta that house since we moved in beside them a year ago.”

“Yup.” Jonas slurped bloodied milk from his empty bowl.

“You think it’s got anything to do with us?”

“I do.”

Gordy shook his head. “You think folks is that superficial?”

Jonas plunked his bowl down on the step. “Gordy, we’re werewolves, we’d have eaten them fools anyway.”

Selestial said...

I'm not sure if no one is playing or if they are all just awaiting moderation, but I'm in ;-)

"I have to go, Elle. My grandma's dying." Jaxson threw clothes into his suitcase.

I wanted to believe leaving tore him up, but his mom said plans were arranged days ago. He'd waited until hours before leaving to say anything. "Of course you do." I closed my eyes. Don't say it. "I just feel like you're running away." I never could keep my mouth shut.

He jerked the zipper shut. "So what if I am? You aren't exactly stopping me."

He strode through the door with his suitcase. I gaped, but he was right: I didn't try to stop him.

Tracy Belsher said...

Whoot! We have a player! Awesome little story Selestial. :) That book might just be yours...and it's hardcover, too.

Tracy Belsher said...

Okay Selestial the book is yours!

Email us at:

with your address and we'll send it off asap.

Thanks for playing and good luck with your 1k-a-day!