Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1k-a-day Day 1

And we're off! Don't forget to post your starting word count in today's comment section. Tracy and I will be updating our stats once we complete each day's challenge in a new post for that day.

If you are interested in participating in 1k-a-day, please check the rules.

I look forward to writing with you and giving books away for the next 30 days! I will post the available books for this week's winner to choose from this weekend. Good luck!

Word counts for day 1 will be posted by Tami and Tracy in tomorrow's post.


Leona said...

Okay, I'm going to work on 3 books. they are all in different stages as I edit and have help editing in stages as I write.

Book 1: Blood Traitors 13,078 science fiction (It's a sequel to Rebellion on Piza 7 (out now) and much harder for me!) I started it before book 2

Book 2: Winds of Fire 29,585Thriller/Romance It's book one of 2 so have to really develop secondary characters and subplots carefully so I don't ruin the second books plot

Book 3 Untitled as of yet 000
I'm going to try my hand at a harlequin presents as there is a contest coming up Wish me luck :) (It may turn into suspense or historical... can't decide on the setting)

And off I go

Mary Brebner said...

Okay-I'm working on a YA Urban Fantasy WIP and started July with 25,939 words.

Today, I logged just over 1500 words on my WIP (now up to 27,463) so I'm off to a good start.

Now, to keep up the momentum for the entire month! :)

HeatherMarie said...

My word count for today is 1085. I don't have an actual title yet, I simply refer to the book as Rasa's Story.

Tami Klockau said...

Awesome girls! I'm still working (because I have to get revisions done on Lost and Found before I start my real word count), but I shall get it done!

I will be working on Lost and Found revisions (so a few words to add to the word count) and my new WIP...working title Parlor.

Lori A. May said...

Yay! It’s the Big Day. I’m pretty stoked.

My wip is nameless, presently, so I’ll just call it Lori’s YA. I know, clever, right?

Starting count: zero

Yes, that’s zero. Or should I say *was* zero. Ha. I’m making headway and will report at the end of the day.

Best of luck to all.

Tracy Belsher said...

Alright, we're grooving! I'm working on 2 titles. My intention is to do 1k for each book during this challenge. Ambitious, but I have the month off work, so, really - there's no reason for me not to. ;)

1. Losing It - edgy YA starting word count of: 31 076 - my goal is to finish this book by the end of July.

2. Witch's Shadow - paranormal YA - starting word count: 5991 - my goal is to have a very rough first draft done by the end of July.

Good luck to us all!

Anonymous said...

Okay, 1,000 words a day on my WIP. I'm working on a YA Fantasy novel. Today I started at 6,400 and wrote 1,000 words. So, my total as of today is 6,500 words.

Tami Klockau said...

Oh! I forgot my starting word counts.

Lost and Found (just doing revisions) starting word count is: 65,970

Parlor: 985

Lori A. May said...

Seeing how it’s getting close to midnight I’ll share my day’s progress now.

Starting word count was ZERO.

Today’s word count: 2,008

Not bad. I’ll take it.

Good luck everyone!

universalchampion said...

I adore this challenge -- the perfect fire under my ass!

I'm working on a first YA novel rough draft, untitled, about a girl and her runaway friend. Or something like that. I guess we'll see.

Before this lovely challenge, my word count was 18, 704. Today (tonight!) I wrote 1,039.

Here we go!

Awkward Librarian said...

Working Title: Protection

Word count before tonight 3559
Tonight's addition 1058
Total after tonight 4617

Leona said...

Okay, baby and benydral kept me off the keyboard, but I squeezed it in :)

Book two ends the night with 30,682!

Book one I looked at and Book three... havent' made a decision yet :)

Selestial said...

I started the month with Partly Human at 31726 words (sequel to Pretty Souls which will be sent out to agents hopefully next month after another solid round of edits).

I was really hoping to finish it before we leave on vacation, but I haven't managed to hit my 2500 a day goal yet since I decided to try LOL. I'm hoping participating in this will light a fire under my butt.