Monday, December 22, 2008

YAedge Pimp My Line Contest!

There comes a time in every writer’s life when you learn a stark truth. That brilliant sentence you just wrote - sucks the big one.

You know another writer could lean over your shoulder, tap on your keyboard and crank out THE BESTEST zooped-up version of your original line in the whole world.

And so the YAedge Pimp My Line contest begins. We’ll post a ho-hum line for you to wordsmith. You can make the line cheesy, snarky, fantastical or just punctuate the darn thing properly, all we ask is you keep it YA appropriate and retain the general “idea” behind the sentence. It’s your honey now.

Contest will be up for a week (from Monday to Sunday). Pimped lines are to be submitted as comments – at the end of the week they will be compiled into a single post and YAedge readers will vote for their favourite pimped line. (Contestants may vote as well – let’s face it – you’re probably our only readers…lol…) NOTE: If you have a line you want pimped – please email it to us.

The winning author will win a badge of honour to display online for all to see - and - a gently read, recently released YA novel from our collections.

Can you dig it?

Let’s get started….pimp – my – line:

I don’t know how long I was out for, but I woke to an odd sight.


Tami Klockau said...

OOOO, great IDEA, Trace! Very very exciting. Are you going to release a sneak peek of what the readers are fighting...ummm, I mean...entering for?

Tracy Belsher said...

Ah - I should do that. Okay here are the three titles up for grabs:

Sweep #1: Book of shawdows by Cate Tiernan

Being by Kevin Brooks

The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp by Rick Yancey

Tracy Belsher said...

oops - that's Book of Shadows. ;)

Tami Klockau said...

Awesome! I have yet to read any of them, but I'm reading Kevin Brooks' 'Lucus' right now. Awesome writer.

lisa said...

my 'pimp my line'

"it wasn't until i opened the door that i realized i was dead."

thanks for the contest!

Tracy Belsher said...

Thanks for the entry Lisa - looks like you might win by a

Winner will be announced tomorrow morning!


Emily said...

I think I might be too late, but here's mine anyway :)

"I could have been unconscious for three seconds or three years, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw when I opened my eyes."