Friday, December 19, 2008

And THIS is Where it All Happens...

Every writer has their own quirks. From the pen they use, the keyboard they clack on and even the size and color of the post-its. I have to admit; I will stand tall and admit I am one of those writers. Everything has to have a place, organization must reign. If I’m in a groove and nothing is stopping me, there must be a reason. Did I position my laptop just so? Was I listening to a certain song at the exact moment I hit my groove?

For months, earlier this year, I convinced myself that I was only able to write at my local Panera Bread. Why? I happened to go there a few times in one week (during my glorious free months from work) and hit monumental success. I started my current work-in-progress there and it’s the best thing I’ve written…ever. It must be Panera, right? RIGHT?

I went through a period after that with no success. Zip, zilch, zero. My husband happened to purchase a Macbook Pro for work during my dry writing period. He let me borrow it for the afternoon to take to the local library (another sacred spot for writing) considering my current laptop only has about 50 minutes of battery life. That afternoon…you guessed it. I had another breakthrough. My character, Pence, his voice came through like it never had before. It was epic. HUGE! I had been searching the laptop market around that time. That’s right, after Christmas, I will be purchasing my very own Macbook. Sad but true. I love the way the keys quietly clicks and clacks beneath my fingers. I love the way my fingers glide along the huge track pad. Not to mention the 5-6 hour battery life! It’s a dream come true.

Crazy, right? Of course it is! Even I know it is. Does that stop me? Nope.

Now comes the interesting part of my ramble. The office space. This has to be the most important part of a writer’s life. This is where the story lives and breaths. A place that is magical. Stories aren’t created here; they exist between the four walls. That is why I’d like to share my office space, along with Tracy’s and Author X’s (how mysterious! And no, it’s not the office space of our wondrous, Tess).

How is your office space organized? Is there a place where all the magic happens? Do you have to have things just right before writing? Please share your four walls with us!

Author X's office!

She even has a little gnome door for her muse! I want a door for MY muse!

This tells me that Author X is in need of a massive break. Look at all the post-its swirling around her space! Magic is DEFINITELY happening here.

Now, that typewriter sure beats a new Macbook.

Tracy's office!

I heart her desk and chair.

Love this set up. Clean, efficient, yet you can tell serious work gets done.

And my office! :)

I will admit, I usually have some kind of beverage to the left of my computer.
Is it totally lame I already have a copy of Office for my Macboo
k I don't even own yet (to the right of the mouse)?

Another confession: I print out and frame the certificates of all NaNoWrimos I've completed. Whenever I tell myself I can't continue or type another word, I just glance up at them and remember how hard the month of November can be.
The white board below them are for the times I keep track of my word count.

This area is to the left of my desk. Books, books and more books. Not to mention the two other bookshelves just like it to the left! The bottom shelf has magazine holders housing each draft of all of my stories. Oh yeah, and there's my bass...or the neck of it anyway, as well as my Harry Potter busts!

I hope you had fun getting a small glimpse of where the magic happens for us! Well, unless it happens to be a Panera, library, fill in the blank kind of day.


Kristin B said...

My office is the dining room, the basement, or this awesome little cafe I frequent. Also, my mom's house when I'm babysitting my little brother and sister. I have no actual office, per se, although one of our main criteria for our next house is that it have a room that will be MINE, ALL MINE, GLORIOUSLY MINE!!

Aaaand we just found that house, made an offer (I was already mentally arranging the room I'd chosen for myself), and got turned down in favor of another offer. So. Back to the dining room, basement, and myriad other locations I go.

Translation: I'm jealous.

Tracy Belsher said...

Ha! Author X has some the little wee door.

Denise Jaden said...

I write at the kitchen table (which we don't actually eat at because it's so covered in my crap!) I long for the day when I will have an office~

Jen Childers said...

I thought i was the only one weird about sticky notes. found the coolest highligther with little sticky notes in the cap!
I can't wait for my CRW meeting so I can use them. The pens come in 3 designer colors!
My office is the spare bedroom, the guys (son and hubby) play world of warcraft and I play and write and ask questions like "if i want to set off a bomb and get away how do I do that". They know these things. Maybe I should worry about that. i definitely have office envy. the pic was so pretty and organized. someday. *sighs*
It's going to be a great new year!
I'm psyched!