Monday, August 2, 2010

1k-a-day Grand Prize Giveaway!

Since the first of July, Tracy and I have mentioned there will be one final large giveaway for 1k-a-day! Today is the day we finally announce what is included! The prize consists of two parts, because we are each including items. The winner will be receiving it in two packages since Tracy and I live in different areas (and heck, even different countries!)

To be entered to win, all you had to do is participate and comment during the month of July! We will be selecting the winner Tuesday (tomorrow), so please check back then to see if you won! Good luck everyone!

If you ask me, there is some awesome stuff here. Some of it is swag from YA authors, a signed copy of Tracy's book (which, IMO is amazing!), YA books and swag from Comic Con! Oh, and a little amigurumi crochet cupcake made by me!

Here is a breakdown of items included in the prize packs:

From Tracy:

- signed copy of UMS
- Class of 2k10 bookmark
- UMS postcard
- UMS character card
- UMS ribbon and cross bookmark - based on Eryn's necklace

From Tami:

-Beautiful Darkness bracelet
-Twilight-themed playing cards
-A Dexter (the TV Show) pin and lanyard
- Losing Faith by Denise Jaden bookmark
-How it ends by Laura Wiess
-The China Garden by Liz Berry
-Tattoo by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
-An amigurumi crochet cupcake (not shown. Winner can pick the color of "icing" if you want since I will have to specially make this item.)


Leona said...

Awesome Swag I am sssoooooo jealous of whoever wins. Also, I am adding bookmarks for everyone. So far I have one request fpr rustic red. Any one else want one???? If don't mind waiting, will make one for all participants:)

Jennifer C. said...

This will be an awesome prize for whoever gets it...I hope it's me.

@Leona my favorite color is blue. }:-)

Leona said...

Great Jennifer :D

Also, I have new phone and I was able to go to this blog from twitter link and do last posting! What I could have done with this a month ago!! lol Anyway, everyone, tell me your color like Jennifer did. I will be making a bunch up on Thursday and Friday for everyone!

Tami Klockau said...

Thanks, Leona! You're so sweet. :)

Jennifer, good luck! We'll be picking the winner some time today!

Bee said...

Oh god. Did I miss being entered? My net conn was down. I just got it back a few moments back.

Oh, sheesh, I SO want this. You guys rock.