Friday, June 18, 2010

Scheduling Time to Write

As I mentioned in my post last week, I will be writing from home (or Panera/library) full time starting this Monday. It's hard to believe I will have the (on average) nine hours a day I spent at work Monday through Friday to write. It seems like a ton of time to work on the craft that I love, but we all know how quickly time can be zapped away.

In preparation for my new found life, I started to go through my files trying to figure out where to even begin. I realized that I have a small problem. I am currently working on two stories (which for me is a problem in itself) and have multiple copies of both. I'm the first to tell you, make sure to back up your work. I had to write three+ chapters over again when a file of my last story, Lost and Found was corrupt and I didn't have a current backup. That being said, I now have three versions of one of the books and two of the other. Before I start to even think about sitting down to write I need to figure out what I'm going to be working on and what files are most current.

Now comes the topic of this post, schedules. I have a very loose time line in my mind of when I want to have one of my current WIPs edited and ready to start querying, but is an end date enough? I'd love to hear how some of you manage your writing time throughout the week when not working full time. I know that everyone is different, but just a general schedule would be helpful.

I think it's important to have an idea of what I want to accomplish in a day/week's time so I can feel as if I've completed something. This is one of the problems that I see arising with working for myself. I'm the kind of person that likes to hear praise from co-workers/peers/my boss. It keeps me going and makes my day. Once those are gone (or at least, a lot of it. I'll still have the great ups and downs with the crit group), I fear I will become complacent. I like the satisfaction of ticking someone off a list when it's finished.

I will be starting my new writing journey by figuring out what story to focus on, which is the most current files (and archiving the old) and tackling a schedule. Any advice is welcome!


Bee said...

You should write both simultaneously. Ultimately one will take over the other, and you know you've got your WiP.
I give myself deadlines, too but more often than not, never end up keeping them 'cause I revise while I write which is not exactly the right process but it works for me.


Leona said...

I'm with Bee, but then I've said that already LOL. Anyhow, I have to get up every hour to hour and a half to keep my brain from freezing up and give my eyes a break. I use that time to do dishes/laundry etc. My big problem is making sure I go back to writing. I have five kids and life likes to take over.

An end goal is good, but you need more. I revise as I go as it helps me get into the days writing and remember what I wrote last. Maybe why I can write multiples at a time.

As for your three stories, set them up in word then compare. It will allow you to reject or save differences and you can see what you've done.

Good luck! I am so looking forward to next week :D Writing has never been so beautiful lol

Leona said...

And Oh yeah, BTW, I nominated this blog for most versatile Blog Award. Seems to be a way for bloggers to make others aware of their favorite blogs, but there you go.