Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Things to Love

February is the month of cupids, hearts, Valentine’s and the celebration of love in its many forms. It’s a feel good month. And in my frostbitten world, where spring is still months away, I’ll take any bit of warmth I can get.

So for the other cold feet/warm hearts out there….here’s a PG list of 25 things that make me feel loved and cosy:

1. That look my husband has just for me
2. A snooze in the sun with the dogs
3. A great book
4. Chai tea
5. 1000 words on my laptop screen and I wasn’t even trying
6. Playing fetch
7. Not working out and still losing a pound that week
8. Discovering new music
9. Chinook winds
10. Fresh snow
11. Chai lattes (wow – score 2 for chai!)
12. Vacations
13. Three hour conversations that leave you wanting more
14. Visits with friends
15. Book shopping
16. Water – large bodies of it, down to a fresh glass with a wedge of lemon
17. The health of those I love
18. Believing in others
19. Believing in your self
20. Breaking rules
21. Making rules
22. Any odd curio shoppe
23. Pictures of the past
24. Laughter
25. The hope that I get to start all over again tomorrow.

So what do you love?


Tami Klockau said...

awesome list, Tracy. I'll have to add my own this week. seems like we have a few of the same loves. :)

Tracy Belsher said...

But I'm betting your list doesn't include

Tami Klockau said...

lol, I LOVE snow. Just don't live in it. :)

It does include rain though!

Kitty Keswick said...

Wow! What a sweet list...makes one appreciate the little things.

Some of my favs...
Awesome CP's
Sappy romantic movies
Green Tea
Skype chats with friends new and old...
Q.T. with hubby...