Friday, November 12, 2010

Week Two Almost to a Close

The weekend is almost here, and that means that week two of NaNoWrimo is almost over. It was a bumpy week for me, but only because of laziness. Last Friday, I was on track, doing so good. Maybe a little too good, because I only wrote a few hundred words on Friday. See, I had an excuse, I was busy making this for my niece as a Christmas gift. Why were you so panicked when you have over a month left before Christmas, you ask? Because, I'm stupid and decided to make everyone's gifts this year. And yes, I am panicked that I won't finish and will have to run to the mall on Christmas Eve with all the other stupid people who wait until the last minute.

Then came Saturday. I felt so accomplished, finishing the bag and sitting pretty with my NaNo word count that I didn't write. Instead, we went to Long Beach for a fun short road trip, visiting a local yarn store and a tiki bar. There was always Sunday. We had no plans, the day would be a writing day, right? Wrong. Sunday came around, and though we didn't necessarily have plans, we still had to do stupid errands like go to the market that take way too long. By the time I got home, that last thing I wanted to do was write.

Flash forward to today (Thursday as I type this, at 6pm). I am caught up to where I should be, sitting at 18,431 words (actually a few words over the end goal for Thursday). Easy, right? Wrong. I've worked my butt of this week, sitting in the same chair each day for 6+ hours. I have felt accomplished as the days come to a close, but I felt as if I was fighting a losing battle. Every morning I would wake up only further behind.

There was no way I could climb back up, I thought on Monday, then Tuesday, and then on Wednesday, but I did. Each day I had to write 2,500+ words (Thursday I wrote 3,037 words) to get there. It wasn't easy, but I did it and you can too.

If you're behind and feel like there is no way you can do it, think of me. Sure, I had to work hard each day, but I got it done. If you focus and put your mind to it, it's possible. Right now, I will say, I learned my lesson. I will be writing 2,000+ Friday. I may not hit my writing goal on Saturday and Sunday, but I plan to get something down, even if it's a few words added to the final count. Every little bit helps, right?

Tami's word count at the end of day 11: 18,431

I hope everyone had a great Veteran's Day in the US and Remembrance Day in Canada yesterday. I wanted to thank all the soldiers for risking their lives to make ours better.

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